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Monthly Archives: March 2018

  • How I Learn’t to Show and Stage A TB Iris

    How I Learn’t to Show and Stage A TB Iris When I was learning to show Bearded Irises I had the best teacher Helen Reid, a lovely lady that is very well know to many Iris fanciers around Australia and has been the treasurer of the Victorian Region Iris Society for many years. I was taught well by an expert.  I won two big flower shows soon after, back in 2000 or 2001. One of the shows was a country show and nearly every lady, including some men from the surrounding districts. Lots of people in the Riverina area entered a flower or many spring flowers from their gardens. They got so many exhibits because anyone could enter their produce on the day. Two large halls full of flowers near bursting out the doors were staged as well as floral art and many home made garden art items. Sadly this doesn’t happen anymore, the young ones don’t seem to be interested or they move away to the cities for work. To win the best flower in a country show back then was an absolute honour, and would never happen again in a lifetime. I was very lucky to win the best flower in that country show once. Read on to see how and why I won Ist Prize. This particular morning in spring, it was early Iris season for the talls, when most country shows are held in Australia. I went out to my Iris garden about 18 years ago and saw this lovely iris flowering, a very early variety out of my 400 varieties that I grew and supplied back then. I couldn’t believe my eyes it had 4 gorgeous new flowers out on one stem, this Iris flower had flared falls and the first flowers flowering from the flower socket as Read More...

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