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Daylily Specials is all about discount, cheap and inexpensive low prices at special markdown prices. We list our daylilies plants, here online for sale at exclusive low prices, when we have too many daylilies of the same variety in stock; this necessarily is not just for daylilies but for other perennial plants as well. Our daylily specials page can include any type or variety of daylilies or other perennials, some plant examples are Tall Bearded Iris, Louisiana Iris, Hippeastrum bulbs, Geraniums, Pelargoniums, Agapanthus, Canna Lilies these make great companion plants for daylilies as they come in some great harmonising colour combinations. In addition to our everyday daylilies and other product lines, we give you many special bargains, at our best lowest prices. Our Special Offer is free postage on orders over $50.

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  1. Betty Ann - Louisiana Iris Water Iris

    - Peter Jackson - Height 37" (95 cm) - Midseason bloom

    Louisiana Iris Betty Ann - Deep yellow self. Standards tinged apricot dark greenish gold signal nicely ruffled thick petals. ... Learn More

  2. Big Eyed Butterfly

    - Stamile 2009 - Tet - 28" - EM - Ev - Single - Bloom 4.5"

    Daylily Big Eyed Butterfly - Rarely seen here with a navy blue eye, normally a purple blue eye, an outer plum band shading into a green throat on a cream based flower - 5 way branching 35 buds. Pollen fertile. Easily positioned in any garden style. (Which Way × Bit of Blue).... Learn More

  3. Buy Cranesbill Geranium Sanguineum

    - Cranesbill 3'' Flowers, Height 15cm

    Geranium Sanguineum – hard to find, bloody cranesbill has strong pink to purple flowers on stems around 15cm. The bloody cranesbill are a herbaceous clumping perennial plant that are long flowering, winter hardy, tough, drought, frost and heat tolerant with rich colourful magenta flowers that will only grow in very shaded parts of the garden. Great for garden borders will be sent in a pot ready for planting in your... Learn More

  4. Buy Louisiana Iris Water Iris - Sinfonietta

    - Raabe, 1986 - 33" (84cm) - EM - 6" - Australian Bred

    Louisiana Iris Sinfonietta - Beautiful water iris, flowers are mid rich bright blue bird blue, stunning colour with contrast yellow signal. Exclusive from Australia, very popular... Learn More

  5. Doreen Florence - Louisiana Iris Water Iris

    - Peter Jackson - Height 35" (89 cm) - Midseason bloom

    Louisiana Iris Doreen Florence - Deep blue-violet self with gold signals.... Learn More

  6. Facepaint

    - Stamile 2006 - Height 25 in - Bloom 5.5 in - Season E - Evergreen - Tetraploid

    Daylily Facepaint - Orchid cream with black purple eye and frilled fancy edge above green throat. A real fanciers delight, this daylily is tough enough to grow anywhere in the garden. (Rock Solid × Zahadoom)... Learn More

  7. Happy Happy

    - Smith-FR, 2008 - Height 26in - Bloom 6in - EM - Semi-Evergreen - Tetraploid

    Daylily Happy Happy - If you want a Quality Daylily this is the daylily for you. Cream with a burgundy eye with an extravagant wide ruffled edge above yellow green throat, as pictured. Neat and tidy blooms with a heavy texture. Like most daylilies this flower will change its colour throughout its flower cycle and be much lighter on a hot summers day. ((Tet. Lavender Blue Baby × Hank Williams) × (Tet. Connie Burton... Learn More

  8. Large Agapanthus Blue Flowering Size Plants For Sale


    AGAPANTHUS Blue - large mature flowering size plants for sale (NOT 50mm Pot) Summer flowering dug fresh from our garden. Sent to you free from soil. Foliage and roots will be trimmed back for postage. This variety at times sports a double head of flowers one on top of the other (see pictures) this is something different. No Postage to Western Australia and Tasmania. ... Learn More

  9. Large Agapanthus White Flowering Size Plants For Sale

    - AGAPANTHUS White

    AGAPANTHUS White - large mature flowering size plants for sale (NOT in 50mm pots) Summer flowering dug fresh for your garden. Sent to you soilless, foliage and roots will be cut back for postage. This variety has wider leaves than the blue variety, they grow many more individual flowers per flower head than the blue variety, this agapanthus is a very old vintage variety and stands up to our very hot climate. No po... Learn More

  10. Roseate Stained Glass

    - Stamile 2009 - Height 30in - Bloom 5.5in - Season EM - Evergreen - Tetraploid

    Daylily Roseate Stained Glass - Cream with rose appliquéd eye and edge above green throat. 28 buds 4 branches ((Calling All Angels × Sue Brown) × Tet. Peppermint Delight)... Learn More

  11. Ruby Pearl Sullivan

    - Petit 2008 - Height 28in - Bloom 7in - Season M - S-Evergreen -Tetraploid

    Daylily Ruby Pearl Sullivan - Rose red with lighter watermark and nice gold edge. 3 branches carry 30 buds very pretty (Streetcar Named Desire × (Promised Day × Anita McMaster)) ... Learn More

  12. Russian Rhapsody

    - Munson-R.W 1973 - Height 30 in.(76 cm) - Bloom 6 in.(15 cm) - Season M - Semi-Evergreen - Tetraploid

    Daylily Russian Rhapsody - Red violet purple self with a prominent burgundy eye and yellow throat. A vigorous colour gem! (Knave × Chicago Royal) Awards: JC 1974, LAA 1989, AM 1979, HM 1976... Learn More

  13. Spacecoast Ruffles

    - Kinnebrew 1996 - Tet - 29" - EM - Ev - Single - Bloom 6"

    Daylily Spacecoast Ruffles - Baby pink/melon pink self with excellent form and very precise ruffling. Beautiful. Very Popular. ... Learn More

  14. Surprises Inside

    - Grace 1997 - Tet - 30" - E - Ev - Fragrant - Single - Bloom 4.75"

    Daylily Surprises Inside - A ruffled orange gold with a pink overlay and small green throat. Heavily recurrent. Fertile both ways. ... Learn More

  15. Swords Drawn - Louisiana Iris Water Iris

    - Heather Pryor - Louisiana Iris - 41" (104 cm) - Midseason late bloom

    Louisiana Iris Swords Drawn - Medium blue violet with cream rim and lilac reverse, yellow blotch signal overlaid by long golden steeple signal surrounded red violet; style arms lilac tipped white, midrib lemon; ruffled, rounded form.... Learn More

Items 1 to 15 of 202 total

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