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Daylily Specials is all about discount, cheap and inexpensive low prices at special markdown prices. We list our daylilies plants, here online for sale at exclusive low prices, when we have too many daylilies of the same variety in stock; this necessarily is not just for daylilies but for other perennial plants as well. Our daylily specials page can include any type or variety of daylilies or other perennials, some plant examples are Tall Bearded Iris, Louisiana Iris, Hippeastrum bulbs, Geraniums, Pelargoniums, Agapanthus, Canna Lilies these make great companion plants for daylilies as they come in some great harmonising colour combinations. In addition to our everyday daylilies and other product lines, we give you many special bargains, at our best lowest prices. Our Special Offer is free postage on orders over $50.

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  1. 3 Tall Bearded Iris Pot Luck Sale

    - Tall Bearded Iris

    Pot Luck Sale - Tall Bearded Iris no 2 colours the same, these are all registered irises and beautiful. This collection of 3 plants will provide glorious blossoms selected from a wide range of colours. They are easy plants to grow and multiply fast. Pictures provided are examples. Remember Free Postage on orders over $50 Cheap plants at half the price!... Learn More

  2. Agapanthus Blue Flowering Size 3 for $10


    AGAPANTHUS Blue - large mature flowering size plants for sale at wholesale prices 3 for $10. Summer flowering with the white variety dug fresh from our garden. Sent to you free from soil. Foliage and roots will be trimmed back for postage. This variety at times sports a double head of flowers one on top of the other at times (see pictures) this is something different. This agapanthus is a very old vintage variety a... Learn More

  3. Agapanthus White Flowering Size 3 for $10

    - AGAPANTHUS White

    AGAPANTHUS White - large mature flowering size plants for sale at wholesale prices. Summer flowering dug fresh for your garden. Sent to you damp but soilless, foliage and roots will be cut back for postage. This variety has wider leaves than the blue variety I grow and many more individual flowers per flower head saying this I doubt very much if it would be tissue cultured, this agapanthus is a very old vintage vari... Learn More

  4. All The Magic

    - Salter 1996 - Tet - 26 " - EM - Sev - Single - Bloom 5"

    Daylily All the Magic - Cream yellow blend with a darker edge and a bright diamond dusted sheen. Small green throat which carries into the flower. Substance is heavy and waxy. Form is full and round with a green throat. ... Learn More

  5. Big Eyed Butterfly

    - Stamile 2009 - Tet - 28" - EM - Ev - Single - Bloom 4.5"

    Daylily Big Eyed Butterfly - Rarely seen here with a navy blue eye, normally a purple blue eye with an outer plum band shading into a green throat on a cream based flower - 5 way branching 35 buds. Pollen fertile but a difficult pod parent. (Which Way × Bit of Blue).... Learn More

  6. Bryan Paul

    - Durio 87 - Tetraploid - Season M - S-Evergreen - Height 24In - Bloom 6 Inch

    Daylily Bryan Paul - Huge ribbed and ruffled blooms of ruby red with white edging, lovely contrasting green triangle shaped throat.... Learn More

  7. Bulbinella Nutans Cats Tail For Sale

    - Flowering Height 1 metre tall

    Bulbinella Nutans Cats Tail blooms mid September, this hardy plant has smooth rounded leaf blades and hundreds of showy bright lemon yellow star flowers are produced on torch like heads on 1 metre high stems. You will receive one rooted plant sent in a pot. This healthy plant will multiply to many more plants in no time.... Learn More

  8. Buy Bird of Paradise Strelitzia

    - Height 1.5 metres x 1 metre wide

    Strelitzia Bird of Paradise - grows to 1.5 metres in height, a clumping plant that produces large paddle shaped leaves displaying the most exotic colourful flowers of orange and blue in spring and summer that can be planted in pots or in the ground. Plants for sale are around 30cm tall.... Learn More

  9. Buy Cranesbill Geranium Sanguineum

    - Cranesbill 3'' Flowers, Height 15cm

    Geranium Sanguineum – hard to find, bloody cranesbill has strong pink to purple flowers on stems around 15cm. The bloody cranesbill are a herbaceous clumping perennial plant that are long flowering, winter hardy, tough, drought, frost and heat tolerant with rich colourful magenta flowers that will only grow in very shaded parts of the garden. Great for garden borders will be sent in a pot ready for planting in your... Learn More

  10. Cabbage Flower

    - Kirchhoff-D 1984 - Height 17" - Bloom 4.62" - Season EE - Evergreen, Diploid

    Daylily Cabbage Flower - Pastel lemon yellow self with green throat, displays sparkling diamond dusting... 100% double. (Twin Crown × Nagasaki) Awards: HM 1987, JC 1984, IM 1990... Learn More

  11. Candid Colors

    - Kirchhoff 2003 - Tet - 25" - EM - Ev - Fragrant - Single - Bloom 5.5

    Daylily Candid Colors - is very showy a bright intense orange with a large bold deep red eye and heavily ruffled red border small yellow-green throat. Form is full, overlapped, and very ruffled. Substance is smooth and holds well in full sun. Well-branched scapes, strong rebloom and fertile both ways. (BILL NORRIS X EDGY APPEAL) X DIXIE AYERS)... Learn More

  12. Chaotic Symmetry

    - Salter 2004 - Tet - 25" - M - SEv - Single - Bloom 4"

    Daylily Chaotic Symmetry - Rich pink with a distinctive rose red heart shaped eye and creamy pink wide flowing edges, lovely green throat completes this beautiful feminine flower. Very pretty!! Awards: HM 2008 Well branched scapes carry multiple blooms. Fertile. ... Learn More

  13. Crystal Blue Persuasion

    - Salter 1996 - Dip - 18" - M - Ev - Single - Bloom 2.75"

    Daylily Crystal Blue Persuasion - Cream flower with a tint of lavender and large eye of washed violet blue lavender with a paler edge surrounded by a ring of deeper violet magenta. Form is full and overlapped. Substance holds well in full sun. Well branched scapes with multiple blooms. Fertile ... Learn More

  14. Daylilies Gift Voucher of $30

    - Daylily Gift Voucher of $30 - Buy a Gift Voucher.

    Daylily Gift Voucher of $30 - Daylily Gift Vouchers is an ideal present to treat your loved one or the perfect way to say thankyou to a friend or family member or for that Special Occasion, Christmas or a birthday. Our gift daylily vouchers allow your gift recipient to choose from our extensive range of daylilies here at Decadent Daylilies, postage is extra and not included with the Gift Voucher. You can use the Da... Learn More

  15. Dixieland Band

    - Flieshel 1969 - Dip - 20" - E - Ev - Single - Bloom 7"

    Daylily Dixieland Band - A striking deep red with white midribs. Lovely contrast and a standout in the garden.... Learn More

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