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True dwarf daylilies are rare, as dwarf daylilies measure 12 inches or 30.48 cm in height or less. Just because a daylily has small or tiny flowers it doesn't mean it is a dwarf daylily variety. An example of a true dwarf daylily is stella d'oro at eleven inches tall. Dwarf size daylilies grow well in large plastic pots, planting in deep pots will allow for good root growth. If growing dwarf daylilies in pots you will need to feed them on a regular basis. If you are looking for daylilies a little taller, you can find them in the miniature and small daylily categories on this site. We offer Free Postage on orders over $50.

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  1. Stella D'Oro

    - Jablonski 1977 - Diploid - Height 11" - EM - Dor - Fragrant - Single - Bloom 2.75"

    Daylily Stella D'Oro - Golden yellow self with a light tangerine throat. Fertile both ways. A prolific repeat bloomer. Stout Silver Medal winner 1985. ... Learn More

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  2. Sweet Pea

    - Winniford-E 1972 - Height 10 in - Bloom 1.75 in - Season EM - S-Evergreen - Diploid

    Daylily Sweet Pea - Light yellow miniature dwarf daylily with a pea green throat, rebloom. This is an older vintage type daylily, it's at least 45 years since its maiden bloom but not quiet historic yet as historic is generally 50 years or more. I have this sweet little daylily growing in a black pot, it's very cute and puts on a great show when it is in full bloom.... Learn More

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