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New Plants - this is our latest stock, a collection of new plants with photos. Some we think are special and interesting varieties. A few have existed before and we have only recently discovered them. Others are hard to get or find cultivars. Several maybe a different type, form or kind, to what we already have. Most of them are currently limited in our online catalogue. They maybe striking or unusual and are already making a splash in gardens throughout the world. We offer Free Postage on all orders over $50.

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  1. Blueberry Mousse

    - Peter Jackson - Height 40" (102 cm) - Mid Season Blooms

    Louisiana Iris Blueberry Mousse - Standards light blue-magenta, fine lighter edge; style arms light blue-magenta, fine white centre line; falls same as standards, veined green centre line, 6 gold star shaped signals. New Introduction.... Learn More

  2. Cute As

    - Peter Jackson - Height 26" (66 cm) - Mid To Later Blooms

    Louisiana Iris Cute As - True Lavender flowers, standards lavender, style arms same, cream tips; falls lavender, 3 gold steeple signals outlined deep lavender, ruffled and laced. short grower Exquisite! New Introduction.... Learn More

  3. Edge Of Madness

    - Morss 2007 - Height 30 in.(76 cm) - Bloom 4.75 in.(12 cm) - Season M - Evergreen - Tetraploid

    Daylily Edge Of Madness - Purple with blue violet eye and edge above green throat. 4 branches 30 buds. Stunning Colour. (((Manhattan Mood × Twilight in Tangiers) × Tet. Lavender Blue Baby) × So Many Rivers)... Learn More

  4. Hot Zone

    - Peter Jackson - Height 34" (87 cm) - Mid to Late Season

    Louisiana Iris Hot Zone - Standards burnt orange-red; style arms yellow overlaid softer yellow; Falls burnt orange-red, three gold steeple signals; ruffled.... Learn More

  5. Matilda's Waltz - Introduced to Australia 2018

    - Peter Jackson 2018 - Height 38" (97 cm) - Early blooms

    Louisiana Iris Matilda's Waltz - Standards mid red-violet, variable softer colour break, cream edge and reverse; style arms cream, overlaid red-violet; Falls mid red-violet, cream edge and reverse, 6 gold steeple signals; heavily ruffled. Outstanding! Very few available near sold out.... Learn More

  6. Midnight Amulet

    - Stamile 2009 - Height 36 in.(91 cm) - Bloom 6 in.(15 cm) - Season E - Evergreen - Tetraploid

    Daylily Midnight Amulet - Rich bold colours of orchid purple with black eye and edge above green throat. 4 branches carry 30 buds. So Startling to see, dramatic blooms! ((Calling All Angels × Sue Brown) × Tet. Peppermint Delight) Click quick view to see the second sunny picture.... Learn More

  7. Mountain Smoke

    - Peter Jackson 2018 - Height 38" (97 cm) - Early mid season blooms

    Louisiana Iris Mountain Smoke - Standards lavender-grey, style arms lavender-violet; Falls mid lavender-rose, 3 gold steeple signals; beautiful wide ruffled petals. Magnificent Colours! Latest release very few available near sold out... Learn More

  8. Oaklands Prince

    - Peter Jackson - Height 38" (97 cm) - Mid Season blooms

    Louisiana Iris Oaklands Prince - Standards wine-red, style arms light gold striped wine-red; falls wine-red, tinged green throat, recurved, 6 fold star shaped signals; flared. New Introductions... Learn More

  9. Tarawera Flow

    - Peter Jackson - Height 41" (104 cm) - Late flowers

    Louisiana Iris Tarawera Flow - Standards deep velvety purple; style arms soft purple, tips darker; large flowering deep velvet purple falls striking softer edges set off with 6 gold signals with raised centre line. New Introduction.... Learn More

  10. Blue Mountain Mist - Louisiana Iris Water Iris

    - Bernard Pryor 2006 - Season M-L - Height 28" (71 cm)

    Louisiana Iris Blue Mountain Mist - Standards and falls are pale sky blue, petals have a fine white rim and white reverse, style arms are ice blue with white tips and signals of yellow, overlaid golden orange steeple on falls. Triangular form with a slight fragrance. 'C'est La Mote' X 'Swirling Waters'. Honorable Mention 2010. Award of Merit 2014, Debaillon Medal 2016.... Learn More

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  11. Moomba Flare

    - Peter Jackson 2018 - Height 35" (89 cm) Mid season blooms

    Louisiana Iris Moomba Flare - Standards light garnet red, darker veining; style arms garnet red, edge lighter; falls garnet red, gold line signals; ruffling on all petals.... Learn More

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11 Item(s)

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