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Iris Unguicularis (Algerian Iris) Blue Winter Iris – Iris Stylosa

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Blue Violet Blooms - Height 30cm or 12 inches - Width 40cm

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Winter Iris Unguicularis Iris Stylosa – An evergreen Iris produces showy blue violet blooms with a deep yellow beard and white showy spray markings each side during winter. Algerian Iris plants grow into a clump forming plant that are easy to grow and tough once established. The blue winter Iris will handle dry soils, best planted in afternoon shade of trees in hot climates. Mine are planted at the base of a tree trunk under tall gum trees. Short flowers burst into flower amongst the strappy leaves towards the end of June in Australia. Some people cut the leaves back before the flowers appear for more exposure of the showy blue violet flowers but this is not necessary. Healthy established plants grown from my garden supplied in pots.
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