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Small daylilies can still mean low growing, short, dwarf or mini, it is essential to check the height and flower size before shopping. Small daylilies can still be evergreen and dormant with a petal width 3 inches to 4.5 inches wide. These modern daylily hybrids can still come in a choice of heights, colours and flower sizes, with best popular small Hemerocallis varieties for landscaping are Small Wonder, Small Tempest and Small Gesture. In the small flowering daylily category there are many small reblooming daylilies, small double daylilies and small single daylilies and small fragrant daylilies. Our small daylilies for sale are long lived perennials that can provide your garden with a splash of colour, just because they are classed as small daylilies, the small size daylily can still produce colourful flowers in varying height and sizes for your garden. Small daylilies are somewhat drought tolerant and especially the large established clumps that flower from late spring to early summer like the other sized daylilies. Daylilies flowers are known as easy care perennials, and best grown in morning sun and afternoon shade in hot climates. In this category small daylilies can still provide you with a pretty large clump of blooms in amazing colourful colours. With good care and maintenance the small daylily can grow in most climates in Australia. Do you know that peak blooming season for daylilies in Australia, is between Mid October to January with a few daylilies that can rebloom in autumn. At this time an established clump can bloom for six weeks and produce 400 flowers while in full bloom. We offer Free Postage on orders over $50.

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  1. Big Eyed Butterfly

    - Stamile 2009 - Tet - 28" - EM - Ev - Single - Bloom 4.5"

    Daylily Big Eyed Butterfly - Rarely seen here with a navy blue eye, normally a purple blue eye with an outer plum band shading into a green throat on a cream based flower - 5 way branching 35 buds. Pollen fertile but a difficult pod parent. (Which Way × Bit of Blue).... Learn More

  2. Chaotic Symmetry

    - Salter 2004 - Tet - 25" - M - SEv - Single - Bloom 4"

    Daylily Chaotic Symmetry - Rich pink with a distinctive rose red heart shaped eye and creamy pink wide flowing edges, lovely green throat completes this beautiful feminine flower. Very pretty!! Awards: HM 2008 Well branched scapes carry multiple blooms. Fertile. ... Learn More

  3. Cool Blue

    - Petit 2008 - Height 26 in - Bloom 4.5 in - Season M - Semi-Evergreen - Tetraploid

    Daylily Cool Blue - Ivory cream with a strong blue violet eye surrounded and shaded burgundy. Petal edges have two clear coloured edges burgundy and an outer edge of blue violet completed with a green throat. (Violet Reflections × Tet. Blue Moon Rising)... Learn More

  4. Dragon's Eye

    - Salter E.H. 1991 - Height 24in - Bloom 4in - Season E - S-Evergreen - Single

    Daylily Dragon's Eye - Pastel pink with a bright rich rose pink eye zone that covers half the flower, a lime green throat completes this small flowering variety. One of the first to bloom here. (Enchanter's Spell × Janice Brown)... Learn More

  5. Easy On The Eyes

    - Salter E H 2004 - Height 26in - Bloom 3.5in - Season M - Semi-Evergreen -Tetraploid

    Daylily Easy On The Eyes - Creamy yellow, large round rose red eye and thick rose red edge with some silver gilding, gold throat.... Learn More

  6. Merry Moppet

    - Salter 2002 - Tet - 26" - M - SEv - Single - Bloom 3.5"

    Daylily Merry Moppet - Bright yellow gold flower with a bold red eye and heavy red edge. Form is round, very full and ruffled. Substance is lightly creped and holds well in the sun. ... Learn More

  7. Musical Mosaic

    - Salter 2001 - Dip - 20" - M - Ev - Single - Bloom 3.75"

    Daylily Musical Mosaic - Pale lemon with a washed strong violet eye overlaid by another eye of blue grey. Petals edges are lightly ruffled. Green throat. Well branched with multiple blooms. ... Learn More

  8. Night Whispers

    - Salter 2000 - Tet - 24" - EM - SEv - Single - Bloom 3.5"

    Daylily Night Whispers - Bright purple lavender self with tiny glowing orange throat and beaded bubbly edge of darker purple and silver. Excellent branching, vigorous grower and profuse bloomer! ... Learn More

  9. Panther Eyes

    - Stamile 2002 - Tet - 25" - EM - Ev - Single - Bloom 4"

    Daylily Panther Eyes - A clear and clean luminescent yellow with a black eye and black picotee edge. Throat is a gorgeous deep emerald green. Very stunning. 5 way branching, 40 to 45 bud count. ... Learn More

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  10. Siloam Bo Peep

    - Henry P 1978 - Height 18 in - Bloom 3.5 in - Season EM - Diploid

    Daylily Siloam Bo Peep - Orchid pink blend with deep purple eyezone and green throat. Awards: AM 1984, HM 1981, JC 1978, ATG 1983... Learn More

  11. Simply Sensational

    - Salter-E.H 1996 - Height 25in - Bloom 4.25in - Season M - S-Ev - Tetraploid.

    Daylily Simply Sensational - A bright cream pink with washed patter of lighter pink around green throat. Bright gold edge. Fertile. ((Something Wonderful × sdlg) × Angel's Smile) ... Learn More

  12. Spirited Style

    - Salter-E.H 2005 - Height 24in - Bloom 3.5in - Season M - S-Evergreen - Diploid.

    Daylily Spirited Style - Lavender mauve with a large triangular patterned eye in shades of cream, lavender and mauve. Throat is bright green. Form is full and flaring.... Learn More

  13. Andy Candy

    - Stamile 2003 - Tet - 27" - E - Dor - Fragrant - Single - Bloom 3.75"

    Daylily Andy Candy - Bright orange flower with a big red eye and edge. Consistently beautifully formed flowers, wide, round and overlapped. Gorgeous deep green foliage. A stunning garden flower and a strong rebloomer. 6-way branching with 35-40 buds. Fertile both ways. (Awesome Candy × Francois Verhaert) Awards: HM 2006 ... Learn More

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  14. Awesome Candy

    - Stamile 2000 - Tet - 25" - EM - Ev - Fragrant - Single - Bloom 3.5"

    Daylily Awesome Candy - A delicate primrose yellow with a striking cardinal red eye and full picotee with a triangular paris green throat. Blooms are round and ruffled with exceptionally wide, blunt & ruffled sepals. (MISTER LUCKY X BELOVED DECEIVER) Winner of the 2008 Annie T. Giles Award for best small flower. ... Learn More

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  15. Banned In Boston

    - Simpson 1994 - Dip - 26" - M - Dor - Single - Bloom 4.75"

    Daylily Banned in Boston - Rose pink petals with a wide ruffled cream border, the sepals are cream with a pink blush. A unique daylily. Colour can vary from pink on hot days to deep rose in cool weather. (Ruffled Ivory × Dearest) Awards: HM 1998... Learn More

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