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Daylily Abbreviations and Terms


Crown The white area between the leaves and the roots, the crown is a modified stem on the daylily.
DIP A Diploid daylily.
Diploid Has two complete sets of chromosones in each cell, 22 chromosones.
DOR Daylily foliage becomes dormant in the winter
Double A daylily which has additional petals & or sepals, single daylilies have only 3 petals & 3 sepals.
E This daylily flowers early in the season
EE This daylily flowers extra early in the season
EMO This daylily flower opens early in the morning.
EV This daylily has evergreen foliage
Ext.(Extended) bloom Daylily flowers which stay open over an extended period of time ie; over 16 hours.
Fan Is a complete division of the plant which consists of leaves, crown & roots.
Hybridiser Person who bred the hybrid by hand pollination.
L This daylily flowers late in the season
M This daylily flowers in the middle of the season
Miniature Flowers less than 3 inches.
ML This daylily flowers middle to late in the season
Ploidy Number of sets of chromosones (this is important when hybridising) because a diploid will not set seed on a tetraploid and visa versa.
Polypetal A daylily which has 4 or more petals and 4 or more sepals in a flat whorl.
Scape A scape is the flower stalk above the crown.
Scape Height The mature average scape height
Season Approximate time of flowering in a season
SEV This daylily has semi evergreen foliage
Spider A flower which has petals at least 4 times longer than the width of the petals.
TET A Tetraploid daylily.
Tetraploid Has four complete sets of chromosones in each cell, 44 chromosones.
UF This is an unusual formed daylily, must have unusual characteristics on 3 sepals or petals.
Year Year the hybridizer registered the plant with the American Hemerocallis Society.


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