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We are constantly updating our website and blogs with more information and news about how to plant and grow new plants and old varieties with selective images from our gardens. My photos show the difference of our fancy daylilies and Iris flowers growing and flowering in our challenging hottest of Australian summers and our freezing cold winters compared to all daylily, iris and perennial growers worldwide and yours can have slightly different hues as well.

Gardeners like us that like to grow an assortment of plants in their gardens in extreme temperatures realise and learn that each individual plant grows differently and that there is always the weak and the strong in every plant type. This includes daylilies some daylily varieties are tougher than others and these plants can take a considerable length of time to fully acclimatise into gardens in warmer climates and may need some extra TLC and protection while finding their feet. I find in most daylilies it takes me up to 3 years for the daylily to produce the right colours from new. So if you live in a hot climate and you agree to buy daylilies from us the hard work is already done and your daylilies will instantly flower the right colours.

On the other hand, bearded iris are very tough, they relish in extreme heat and extremely cold areas this is their perfect growing climate. They are so hardy and so tough I have seen the leaves of my bearded iris go from green to orange to yellow within a week and when the weather cools down revert back to green within 5 days with no ill effect on the plants and rhizomes.