Why Buy Our Daylilies and Irises Online

Convenient Way of Gardening

Reasons why it’s easy to shop online to buy our beautiful plants from the comfort of your own home.

  1. Safe and Secure online shopping.
  2. Easy ordering over the phone.
  3. Daylilies, irises, and cannas are among the plants that are treated and sent to gardeners throughout Australia, including the Northern Territory, Western Australia, and Tasmania.
  4. Plants are well packed – we have been mailing plants for over 20 years
  5. Free Postage orders over $50 Australia wide.
  6. Quality fresh plants and bulbs are dug the same day as posted and delivered to your door.
  7. Fastest shipping guaranteed to your door (we only use express post).
  8. There are no restrictions on minimum orders to our retail mail order customers.
  9. Competitive pricing.
  10. Highly rated customer reviews since 2004 on eBay. To date 4k items sold. We know feedback on websites can be manipulated by the owner so we are showing you outside of our website on eBay for the best proof of honest feedback.


All plants are grown in our gardens this makes it quick for plants in stock to be dug and packed the same day the plants are shipped.