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Daylilies for Sale offered at Decadent Daylilies is our way of spreading love. The varieties on sale may change but our 'daylilies for sale' page will always be here to help you buy those daylilies that are available for sale at some point. At Decadent Daylilies, we believe in offering only Quality Daylilies for sale. We love our Daylilies and a lot of love goes into nurturing and growing them. When we ship the daylilies to you, a part of that love also goes to you. It is always our endeavour to get you only the best daylily varieties at the most reasonable price. We offer Free Postage Australia Wide on orders all over $50. Check out our Daylilies that are currently on sale:

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  1. Bewitching Eyes

    - Petit 2008 - Tet - 28" - M - SEv - Fragrant - Single - Bloom 5.5"

    Daylily Bewitching Eyes - The flowers of Bewitching Eyes present a blue violet eye and surrounding burgundy mascara band on a clear light lavender ivory base, which brings out the clarity of colour in the eye. If that is not enough, the double rainbow edge is surrounded by a third bubbly gold edge, a great daylily when looking for broken patterns and patterened eyes. (Violet Reflections) x (Mardi Gras Ball x Tet. Lav... Learn More

  2. Big Eyed Butterfly

    - Stamile 2009 - Tet - 28" - EM - Ev - Single - Bloom 4.5"

    Daylily Big Eyed Butterfly - Rarely seen here with a navy blue eye, normally a purple blue eye, an outer plum band shading into a green throat on a cream based flower - 5 way branching 35 buds. Pollen fertile. Easily positioned in any garden style. (Which Way × Bit of Blue).... Learn More

  3. Born To Run

    - Stamile, 2006 - Height 28 in - Bloom 6 in - Season M - Evergreen - Tetraploid

    Daylily Born To Run - Red with gold edge and gold braid above green throat. 35 buds, 5 branches ((Coronal Light × Roses and Gold) Awards: HM (2011)... Learn More

  4. Chaotic Symmetry

    - Salter 2004 - Tet - 25" - M - SEv - Single - Bloom 4"

    Daylily Chaotic Symmetry - Rich pink with a distinctive rose red heart shaped eye and creamy pink wide flowing edges, lovely green throat completes this beautiful feminine flower. Very pretty!! Awards: HM 2008 Well branched scapes carry multiple blooms. Fertile. ... Learn More

  5. Chili Spice

    - Hansen 2003 - Tet - 22" - EE - SEv - UF - Bloom 6"

    Daylily Chili Spice - Deep red-cream bitone with cream midrib and cream edge, emphasised with a yellow-green throat. Beautiful in the garden and very tough, Unique Unusual Form Crispate. ... Learn More

  6. Clemenceaux

    - Munson-R.W 1988 - Height 26 in.(66 cm), Bloom 5 in.(13 cm) - Season EM - Evergreen - Tetraploid

    Daylily Clemenceaux - Yellow green with pink highlights and green throat. Very Startling, flowers open perfect every time. Different than Clemenceau (Spanish Jade × Kate Carpenter)... Learn More

  7. Darlington County

    - Stamile 2000 - Tet - 24" - EE - Dormant - Single - Bloom 6"

    Daylily Darlington County - Clear rose pink with a round nile green throat. Flat blooms have a heavy substance are bordered by deep fluted ruffling edges in gold. Fertile both ways, 3-4 way branching, 25 buds. (ROSE FEVER X SHIMMERING ELEGANCE). ... Learn More

  8. De Colores

    - Temple, 1992 - Height 28in - Bloom 8.5in - Season E - Rebloom - Evergreen - Diploid.

    Daylily De Colores - Tan and yellow spider with red and purple eyezone above very green throat. (Mountain Top Experience × Garden Portrait) Honorable Mention 1999 Harris Olson Spider Award 1998.... Learn More

  9. Double Image

    - Stamile 2002 - Tet - 29" - E - Ev - Very Fragrant - Double - Bloom 6"

    Daylily Double Image - Clear rose pink with powder pink watermark and grass green throat. Consistently 100% double. It has excellent branching and exquisite plant habit with flowers blooming well above the leaves. Fertile both ways with 7-way branching and 50 buds. ((Clovette Adams × Night Embers) × Puccini) ... Learn More

  10. Elisa Dallas

    - Trimmer 2004 - Tet - 25" - EM - Ev - Single - Bloom 5"

    Daylily Elisa Dallas - A round full pastel pink blend with a large rouge eye and edge. Complex eye of pink, rouge and red set of by a bold green throat. Branching is very good with two to four laterals and typical bud counts of 25-30. ((Raspberry Beret × Dan Mahony) × Tet. Connie Burton) Awards: HM 2009... Learn More

  11. Facepaint

    - Stamile 2006 - Height 25 in - Bloom 5.5 in - Season E - Evergreen - Tetraploid

    Daylily Facepaint - Orchid cream with black purple eye and frilled fancy edge above green throat. A real fanciers delight, this daylily is tough enough to grow anywhere in the garden. (Rock Solid × Zahadoom)... Learn More

  12. Happy Happy

    - Smith-FR, 2008 - Height 26in - Bloom 6in - EM - Semi-Evergreen - Tetraploid

    Daylily Happy Happy - If you want a Quality Daylily this is the daylily for you. Cream with a burgundy eye with an extravagant wide ruffled edge above yellow green throat, as pictured. Neat and tidy blooms with a heavy texture. Like most daylilies this flower will change its colour throughout its flower cycle and be much lighter on a hot summers day. ((Tet. Lavender Blue Baby × Hank Williams) × (Tet. Connie Burton... Learn More

  13. Highland Lord

    - Munson 1983 - Tet - 22" - ML - SEv - Double - Bloom 5"

    Daylily Highland Lord - Red with a lemon throat and lemon wire edge. Backs of petals and sepals are yellow which provide a fabulous contrast with the red when the flower is viewed from the side. Ida Munson Award for Best Double 1991. Rare... Learn More

  14. Ivan Attitude

    - Harry 2008 - Height 30 in.(76 cm), bloom 6 in.(15 cm) - Season EM - Semi-Evergreen - Tetraploid

    Daylily Ivan Attitude - Creamy yellow with black purple eye and edge above green throat. 22 buds, 4 branches... Learn More

  15. J K Mac

    - Flanders 2003 - Tet - 27" - EM - Ev - Fragrant - Single - Bloom 6"

    Daylily J K Mac - Australian bred, large light orange deepens into a red eye and a matched double edge of red and gold. Finished off with a nice yellow green throat and silver glittered edges. Robust plants, Extended bloom.... Learn More

Items 1 to 15 of 133 total

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