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Daylilies for Sale offered at Decadent Daylilies is our way of spreading love. The varieties on sale may change but our 'daylilies for sale' page will always be here to help you buy those daylilies that are available for sale at some point. At Decadent Daylilies, we believe in offering only Quality Daylilies for sale. We love our Daylilies and a lot of love goes into nurturing and growing them. When we ship the daylilies to you, a part of that love also goes to you. It is always our endeavour to get you only the best daylily varieties at the most reasonable price. We offer Free Postage on orders all over $50. Check out our Daylilies that are currently on sale:

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  1. 3 Tall Bearded Iris Pot Luck Sale

    - Tall Bearded Iris

    Pot Luck Sale - Tall Bearded Iris no 2 colours the same, these are all registered irises and beautiful. This collection of 3 plants will provide glorious blossoms selected from a wide range of colours. They are easy plants to grow and multiply fast. Pictures provided are examples. Remember Free Postage on orders over $50 Cheap plants at half the price!... Learn More

  2. Aussie Delight

    - Smith-FR 2006 - Height 28in - Bloom 6in - Season M - S-Evergreen - Tetraploid

    Daylily Aussie Delight - Cream to Apricot with mauve lavender eye and edge. The petal edges have three colours first one is lavender mauve then burgundy and the outer edge is lemon and very striking and wide. 4 branches carry 30 buds. (Doyle Pierce × Hank Williams)... Learn More

  3. Big Eyed Butterfly

    - Stamile 2009 - Tet - 28" - EM - Ev - Single - Bloom 4.5"

    Daylily Big Eyed Butterfly - Rarely seen here with a navy blue eye, normally a purple blue eye with an outer plum band shading into a green throat on a cream based flower - 5 way branching 35 buds. Pollen fertile but a difficult pod parent. (Which Way × Bit of Blue).... Learn More

  4. Blue Hippo

    - Lambertson 2007 - Tet - 26" - EM - SEv - Single - Re - Bloom 6"

    Daylily Blue Hippo - Blue hippo is a cream with a huge medium blue eye and edge with an outer edge is gold. Fertile both ways, Blue Hippo has 3 to 4-way branching, displaying 25 buds per scape. ... Learn More

  5. Cool Blue

    - Petit 2008 - Height 26 in - Bloom 4.5 in - Season M - Semi-Evergreen - Tetraploid

    Daylily Cool Blue - Ivory cream with a strong blue violet eye surrounded and shaded burgundy. Petal edges have two clear coloured edges burgundy and an outer edge of blue violet completed with a green throat. (Violet Reflections × Tet. Blue Moon Rising)... Learn More

  6. Crystal Blue Persuasion

    - Salter 1996 - Dip - 18" - M - Ev - Single - Bloom 2.75"

    Daylily Crystal Blue Persuasion - Cream flower with a tint of lavender and large eye of washed violet blue lavender with a paler edge surrounded by a ring of deeper violet magenta. Form is full and overlapped. Substance holds well in full sun. Well branched scapes with multiple blooms. Fertile ... Learn More

  7. Desperado Love

    - Stamile 1994 - Tet - 26" - M - SEv - Single - Bloom 5"

    Daylily Desperado Love - Yellow with huge plum purple eye and picotee, throat yellow-chartreuse. Fertile both ways. 4-5 way branching, 30-35 buds. ... Learn More

  8. Dreams of Heroes

    - Petit 2001 - Tet - 24" - M - SEv - Bloom 7.5"

    Daylily Dreams of Heroes - single blooms are ENORMOUS 7.5 inches or 19 cm wide clear rose pink with a ruffled ornate gold edge, large watermark and green throat. Petal edges form looping ruffles. Very fancy. A real show stopper! ... Learn More

  9. Easy On The Eyes

    - Salter E H 2004 - Height 26in - Bloom 3.5in - Season M - Semi-Evergreen -Tetraploid

    Daylily Easy On The Eyes - Creamy yellow, large round rose red eye and thick rose red edge with some silver gilding, gold throat.... Learn More

  10. Facepaint

    - Stamile 2006 - Height 25 in - Bloom 5.5 in - Season E - Evergreen - Tetraploid

    Daylily Facepaint - Orchid cream with black purple eye and edge above green throat. (Rock Solid × Zahadoom)... Learn More

  11. Green Revolution

    - Stamile 2007 - Height 29 in - Bloom 6.5 in - Season EM - Evergreen, Tetraploid

    Daylily Green Revolution - Royal purple with citron green edge above grass green throat. A long flowering daylily provides 6 branches that have 38 buds.. (Magic Lake × Bella Sera)... Learn More

  12. Happy Happy

    - Smith-FR, 2008 - Height 26in - Bloom 6in - EM - Semi-Evergreen - Tetraploid

    Daylily Happy Happy - If you want a Quality Daylily this is the daylily for you. Cream with a burgundy eye with an extravagant wide ruffled edge above yellow green throat, as pictured. Neat and tidy blooms with a heavy texture. Like most daylilies this flower will change its colour throughout its flower cycle and be much lighter on a hot summers day. ((Tet. Lavender Blue Baby × Hank Williams) × (Tet. Connie Burton... Learn More

  13. Highland Lord

    - Munson 1983 - Tet - 22" - ML - SEv - Double - Bloom 5"

    Daylily Highland Lord - Red with a lemon throat and lemon wire edge. Backs of petals and sepals are yellow which provide a fabulous contrast with the red when the flower is viewed from the side. Ida Munson Award for Best Double 1991. Rare... Learn More

  14. Inky Fingers

    - Stamile 2000 - Tet - 36" - E - Ev - Fragrant - UF - Bloom 8"

    Daylily Inky Fingers - Beautiful clear violet purple with a deep nile green throat. Form is between a twisted crispate and a cascade. 4 way branching, 35 buds. Fertile both ways lovely spider. ... Learn More

  15. Ivan Attitude

    - Harry 2008 - Height 30 in.(76 cm), bloom 6 in.(15 cm) - Season EM - Semi-Evergreen - Tetraploid

    Daylily Ivan Attitude - Creamy yellow with black purple eye and edge above green throat. 22 buds, 4 branches... Learn More

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