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Decadent Daylilies is closed for digging plants for mail orders over the summer months till mid April. You can still buy items from our online shop (our daylilies are limited for each variety) but we will not post bare rooted plants daylilies and perennials until after the hot summer. It is too stressful for the plants.

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Daylilies for Sale offered at Decadent Daylilies is our way of spreading love. The varieties on sale may change but our 'daylilies for sale' page will always be here to help you buy those daylilies that are available for sale at some point. At Decadent Daylilies, we believe in offering only Quality Daylilies for sale. We love our Daylilies and a lot of love goes into nurturing and growing them. When we ship the daylilies to you, a part of that love also goes to you. It is always our endeavour to get you only the best daylily varieties at the most reasonable price. Check out our Daylilies that are currently on sale:

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  1. Amadeus

    - Kirchhoff 1981 - Tet - 26" - EM - SEv - Bloom 5.5"

    Daylily Amadeus - stunning large rich scarlet red petaled flowers with a yellow triangular throat, fertile, reblooms Awards 1986 Honorable Mention; 1982 Junior Citation. ... Learn More

  2. Amethyst Reflections

    - Salter 2002 - Tet - 28" - M - Sev - Single - Bloom 5"

    Daylily Amethyst Reflections - A clear lavender pink violet blend with a cream edge and green throat with lots of buds 40 of them. Substance is smooth and form is very full and round. Well branched scapes. ... Learn More

  3. Born To Run

    - Stamile, 2006 - Height 28 in - Bloom 6 in - Season M - Evergreen - Tetraploid

    Daylily Born To Run - Red with gold edge and gold braid above green throat. 35 buds, 5 branches ((Coronal Light × Roses and Gold) Awards: HM (2011)... Learn More

  4. Brer Rabbit's Baby

    - Roberts 2002 - Dip - 30" - M - SEv - Fragrant - UF - Bloom 5"

    Brer Rabbit's Baby - A black red self with intense green throat. The petals and sepals twist and crispate. A real garden stopper. 4 way branching and nice bud count. Very fertile both ways. ... Learn More

  5. Brooklyn Twist

    - Lambertson 1998 - Tet - 28" - M - SEv - Single - Bloom 9"

    Daylily Brooklyn Twist - Large clear violet-red with a darker eye and large yellow-green throat. Unusual formed, twisting crispate and cascade combination. Excellent parent. ... Learn More

  6. Carol Todd

    - Trimmer 2006 Height 30in - Bloom 7in - Season EM, Tetraploid - Evergreen

    Daylily Carol Todd - Huge blooms of pastel lavender with a red purple eye. The flowers have a double edge, a red purple then a gold edge and a green throat, a lovely flower, despite the size of the flower it opens well. 35 buds, 4 branches ((Border Music × Jane Trimmer) × Across the Universe... Learn More

  7. Celestial Eyes

    - Lambertson 2000 - Tet - 24" - EM - SEv - Single - Bloom 6"

    Daylily Celestial Eyes - Large creamy medium peach with a medium slate blue eye. The slate blue eye is edged red violet. A small gold braid edge adds to it's charm. 4 way branching, 26 buds. Fertile. ... Learn More

  8. Chaotic Symmetry

    - Salter 2004 - Tet - 25" - M - SEv - Single - Bloom 4"

    Daylily Chaotic Symmetry - Rich pink with a distinctive rose red heart shaped eye and creamy pink wide flowing edges, lovely green throat completes this beautiful feminine flower. Very pretty!! Awards: HM 2008 Well branched scapes carry multiple blooms. Fertile. ... Learn More

  9. Chili Spice

    - Hansen 2003 - Tet - 22" - EE - SEv - UF - Bloom 6"

    Daylily Chili Spice - Deep red-cream bitone with cream midrib and cream edge above a yellow-green throat. Beautiful in the garden and very tough, Unique Unusual Form Crispate. ... Learn More

  10. Cleopatra

    - Thomas 1964 - Dip - E - Ev - Spider - Bloom 5"

    Daylily Cleopatra - An attractive spider like pink melon with a red purple eye. Its not very often this plant doesn't have a flower. Normally produces fine plants this is common with some spider daylilies. ... Learn More

  11. Double Blueberry Pie

    - Brown 1984 - Dip - 18" - M - Ev - Double - Bloom 5.5"

    Double Blueberry Pie - The petals have a slightly crepe texture of a rich lavender blue, very pretty. ... Learn More

  12. Fancy Face

    - Carpenter-J 1994 - Height 22in - Bloom 5.5in - Season EM - Evergreen - Diploid

    Daylily Fancy Face - Cream to gold depending on the day, with red purple eye edged dark mahogany and green throat, sepals have an aqua colouring after the green eye edged in mahogany, this flower can change to lighter shades when flowering on a hot day, all the same this flower is still very nice either way and will not be overlooked in the garden! ... Learn More

  13. Happy Happy

    - Smith-FR, 2008 - Height 26in - Bloom 6in - EM - Semi-Evergreen - Tetraploid

    Daylily Happy Happy - If you want a Quality Daylily this is the daylily for you. Cream with a burgundy eye with an extravagant wide ruffled edge above yellow green throat, as pictured. Neat and tidy blooms with a heavy texture. ((Tet. Lavender Blue Baby × Hank Williams) × (Tet. Connie Burton × Crazy Ivan)) ... Learn More

  14. Infinite Blue

    - Lambertson 2000 - Tet - 24" - EM - SEv - Single - Bloom 6"

    Daylily Infinite Blue - A very delicate and pretty flower to look at which has cream with a light blue violet eye and edge and a gold braid. Fertile, 4 way branching and 28 buds. Great parent. ... Learn More

  15. Jamaican Music

    - Trimmer 2001 - Tetraploid - Height 37" - Season EM - Evergreen - Bloom 5"

    Daylily Jamaican Music - Pink blooms with a red edge and huge red eye. 3 way branching and blooms way above the foliage. Great parent, bold, bright and screams for attention in the garden. (RASPBERRY BERET X TETRA DRAGON'S EYE) ... Learn More

Items 1 to 15 of 348 total

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