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Monthly Archives: June 2017

  • How Big Do Daylilies Get

    How Big Do Daylilies Grow. Daylilies are plants that have been popular with gardeners and lovers of the outdoors for centuries. For the modern gardener, this is a plant that holds many advantages including being hardy, requiring minimal attention and maintenance, and looking stunning. These days, you can also choose from a range of hybrid variations of the daylily, which means that you can select from a variety of stunning designs and colours based on your preferences. The fact that there are now many different hybrid options available with daylilies means that you can get these flowers in a variety of different widths and heights as well. There are tens of thousands of named hybrid cultivars, and these come in a range of flower sizes with the mini ones being especially popular. The height of these perennials can be anything from under six inches to around three or four feet. Some are even known to reach six feet. The width can also vary and the flowers can reach between one and three feet in width. Choosing a Variety Based on Height Amongst the taller varieties of daylilies are a pale yellow overcast rose with faint lavender edge are the High and Mighty daylily and the Catherine Woodbury daylily, both of which can grow to around three feet in height. The Hyperion daylily can grow to heights of four feet and is also wonderfully fragrant. If you want smaller daylilies for your garden, you can find a range of varieties that will prove perfect. This includes the Little Grapette daylily, which grows to around eighteen inches, and the dwarf Stella d’Oro daylily, which reac Read More...

  • Do Daylilies Need Sun Or Shade

    Do Daylilies Need Sun or Shade? Daylilies have become hugely popular amongst gardeners of all levels. Whether you are an experienced gardener or a complete novice, you can really add some beauty and colour to your outdoor area with daylilies. In addition, they are easy to maintain, available in a variety of stunning colours, and can bring out the best in your garden. You should remember that daylilies are plants with tuberous roots and not bulbs, which is something that will affect the way in which you plant and grow them. One thing you need to be mindful of is, where you plant your daylilies so that they benefit from the perfect conditions from optimum growth. So, should you plant them in the sun or the shade? Can daylilies tolerate strong sunlight or constant shade? The Best Place To Grow These Plants If you are new to growing daylilies, you may be wondering whether they need to be in the sun or the shade in order to flourish. Well, they actually need both to a certain degree. Your daylilies should get at least six hours of sun each day for optimum growth. However, you also need to consider the harshness of the sun. Really strong sunlight may not be ideal for these plants, so you should work out the best place for planting based on which part of your garden gets the sun at certain times of the day. The midday sun tends to be the harshest, so it is best to aim for an area that gets the early morning sunshine or late afternoon sun. This means that your plants will still be able to benefit from the sun exposure they need. However, this will be more subtle exposure rathe Read More...

  • Do Daylilies Change Colours

    Do Daylilies Change Colours? - What Makes Daylilies Change Colours? Popular amongst gardening enthusiasts and landscapers at all levels, daylilies have become an integral part of many peoples gardens and outdoor areas. There are many reasons why people choose daylilies as part of their floral garden display, from their ease of maintenance and hardiness through to their natural beauty and vibrant colours. When it comes to colours, daylilies offer many options. You can select from a rainbow of colours, with some really unusual and eye-catching ones that combine rich and contrasting colours as well as elegant and delicate ones in beautiful shades. This enables you to create a really vibrant and colourful display in your garden, which will really add to the aesthetic beauty of your outdoor area. Changing Colours In Different Temperatures And Climates One thing that it is worth bearing in mind when you are choosing, buying and planting your daylilies is that in some cases they can change colour. This is generally as a result of weather conditions – for instance, the Hillbilly Heart daylily displays rich cream and red colours on a hot day but on a cooler, raining day it can change to a far paler main colour with a pink eye and trim. These beautiful flowers may also change colour when the weather is frosty or if the daylily flower happens to re-bloom during the winter. This can happen because the icy cold and low temperatures make it impossible for the flowers to display true colours, as they need warmth in order to do this. Therefore, during frosty and cold weather you may Read More...

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