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Monthly Archives: July 2017

  • Daylily Colours and Colour Patterns

    Daylily Colours and Colour Patterns Daylilies are stunning flowers that are not only easy to maintain but can really brighten up your front and backyard gardens. Available in a range of sizes, you can also select from various beautiful colours and colour patterns to suit your needs and preferences. By choosing a combination of colours or an individual colour when buying daylilies, you can help to really enhance your outdoor areas. Some of the flower colours available When you purchase from today’s hybrid daylily range, you can select from a huge variety of different flower colours to suit your tastes and preferences. Traditional daylilies used to be very limited in terms of flower colours, but the hybrids that are now available will provide you with many different options. Basic flower colours: This refers to the outer area of the flower, and the options include: Yellows: You can select from all shades of yellow, from pale yellow through to vibrant gold, canary yellow and oranges. Reds: You can also select from a range of reds from scarlet and tomato red through to maroon and wine. Pinks: The variety of pink colours available include elegant pale pink through to bright and rose pink. Purples: A variety of purple colours are also available, including soft lilac and lavender through to vibrant violet. Cream and pale shades: You can also select from cream and pale shades, which offer an elegant and dainty appearance. Throat colours: This refers to the centre part of the daylily flower. The colour of this part is generally a different colour to the basic flower, with s Read More...

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