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Monthly Archives: September 2017

  • When To Plant Daylilies

    When To Plant Daylilies If you are keen to create a stunning garden or outdoor area for you and your loved ones to enjoy, using daylilies is the perfect solution. These vibrant, fragrant, and beautiful plants can help to make your garden really stand out. What’s more, they are easy to look after and maintain as they grow unaided which makes them even more popular amongst gardeners. In short, you can enjoy maximum effect with minimal effort when you choose daylilies for your garden. Before you start planting your daylilies, you should do a little research if you are planting them for the first time. This will enable you to find out more about the best area in your garden to plant them, the type of soil that is best for them, and how to properly maintain them. In addition, you can learn about the best times to plant daylilies. So, when should you plant them? Daylilies are known as very versatile and easy-to-maintain plants that can be enjoyed with minimal effort. When it comes to the best time to plant them, you can do so anytime between spring and autumn as a rule of thumb. Planting in the spring is often the preferred choice, as it is still quite cool compared to the summer and the plants also have plenty of time to establish themselves before winter rolls around again. Spring is also the time when many gardeners start working on their outdoor areas, which means that planting your daylilies at this time of year will provide greater convenience. You will also then be able to enjoy their fragrance and beauty during the summer months and autumn if you plant them early o Read More...

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