Double Daylilies for Sale
In appearance double daylily flower varieties provide extra petals or a cluster of bonus petals in the centre of the daylily flower. This makes the double daylilies, easy to identify and unique from the other types of daylilies. Because of their increased small to large petals, double daylilies look similar to roses but do have a milder fragrance. Gardeners buy double daylilies to plant them between standard roses. Some of our beautiful double daylilies for sale flower consistently 100% double. They also come in a wide selection of colours, double red daylilies, double yellow daylilies, double apricot daylilies, double pink daylilies and double orange daylilies, near white double daylilies, cream double daylilies being the most popular colours that you can buy from our online shop. Please read our daylily catalogue to find them. Freshly dug daylilies are posted Australia wide with bare roots – Free shipping applies to orders over $50.

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