White Daylilies

WHITE Symbolises purity, innocence, honesty and perfection. White flowers represent pure love and fidelity and some of the most popular flowers in this colour are the Day Lilies. The white Day lily is associated with the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, they are considered a Holy flower to many people. Lilies themselves symbolise a flirtatious manner. There is also the Calla Lily, which symbolises modesty. Then the Carnation, which is probably one of the most popular flowers for gift giving in the world next to the long stemmed Rose besides this a White Carnation, however, means you are sweet and lovely or given to symbolise good luck to someone. Another popular white flower is the Daisy, it means loyalty and innocence. A more exotic flower that has a white version is the Orchid, these white Orchids mean – you are beautiful to me and symbolise fertility. A white Rose means – you are heavenly and symbolise peace, humility and reverence.


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