Yellow daylilies

YELLOW A wonderful colour indeed. It symbolises sympathy, trust, radiance, and friendship, intellect, cheerfulness and optimism. The word yellow means to show appreciation, love of family, and a gesture of thoughtfulness. The most recognised yellow flower is possibly the spring Daffodil, all Daffodils symbolise chivalry, rebirth, eternal life, faithfulness, joy, and happiness. Yellow Lilies represent joy and new beginnings. The Dutch Iris usually symbolises eloquence. The yellow Iris is symbolic of passion. Lilacs come in different colours but the yellow Lilac symbolises youthful innocence and confidence. Another popular flower that is seen in yellow is the evergreen Azalea as the Azalea comes in many colours. It symbolizes temperance, passion and womanhood. The yellow Azalea means to take care of yourself, and fragility, while the yellow Rose is the symbol of friendship, warmth and happiness.

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