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Monthly Archives: March 2017

  • Are Daylilies Fast Growing?

    Are daylilies fast growing? When it comes to beautiful, elegant, and colourful flowers for your garden, daylilies are the perfect choice. These flowers are hugely popular with both seasoned and novice gardeners, as they offer easy maintenance as well as natural beauty to brighten up any outdoor area. But just how quickly do daylilies grow? Some people are keen to have plants and flowers that multiply and grow quickly, so that they do not have to wait around in order to enjoy the fragrance and aesthetic appeal that they bring. However, the rate at which daylilies grow can vary based on a number of factors. What can make a difference to the growth rate of daylilies? There are various things that can affect the growth rate of daylilies. This includes where they are planted and what sort of climate they are exposed to. You also need to ensure that you properly maintain your daylilies in order to benefit from maximum growth rate. Daylilies can look beautiful when grown in pots, which is a popular option for those that do not have a garden and want to brighten up their balcony instead. However, it is important to bear in mind that these flowers do grow more slowly in pots than they would when planted in the ground. Another key point is the climate in which you are growing daylilies. If you have cold winters in the area you live in, then this can slow down the rate at which these flowers will grow. However, those living in tropical areas will benefit from a faster growth rate because the daylilies will not be exposed to harsh temperatures and cold winters. Lack of proper fe Read More...

  • Collecting Saving Storing Daylily Seeds

    Collecting saving storing daylily seeds from your favourite daylily cross, can be exciting but more rewarding when you eventually see the flower buds appear. By saving seeds this will give you a complete new variety of daylily. You can develop your own seed strains by hand pollinating the daylily flowers that you want by hybridising two flowers together. The stigma is located at the very end of the long single pistol. It sits in amongst the cluster of stamens, coming from the throat of the daylily flower.  If the crosses take, it only takes 30 minutes for the pollen to work down the pollen tube and to start producing a seedpod. But you have to have crossed the right daylily varieties together for this to pay off. Once you have crossed the right flowers together you can cover up the flower that you've dabbed the pollen on to the stigma, with a small drawstring nylon mesh bag. This serves two purposes - To keep other pollinators such as bees and insects off the flowers you have just hybridised. If you forget to collect the seeds all the seeds won't be lost. It only takes 6 to 8 weeks from pollination to seed saving the seeds. The waiting period is broken up as, 6 weeks for tetraploid daylilies and 8 weeks for diploids. The right timing to collect and harvest daylily seeds is important. Collecting daylily seeds before time can result in a big disaster. Removing Daylily Seed Pods Part of caring for daylilies is removing daylily seeds. This is done when the seed pods are fully developed, ripe and plump. This is when the seed case starts to split and the seedpod has gon Read More...

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