Are Daylilies Fast Growing?

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Are daylilies fast growing? When it comes to beautiful, elegant, and colourful flowers for your garden, daylilies are a perfect choice. These flowers are hugely popular with both seasoned and novice gardeners, as they offer easy maintenance as well as natural beauty to brighten up any outdoor area. But just how quickly do daylilies grow?

Some people are keen to have plants and flowers that multiply and grow quickly so that they do not have to wait around in order to enjoy the fragrance and aesthetic appeal that they bring. However, the rate at which daylilies grow can vary based on a number of factors.

What can make a difference to the growth rate of daylilies?

There are various things that can affect the growth rate of daylilies. This includes where they are planted and what sort of climate they are exposed to. You also need to ensure that you properly maintain your daylilies in order to benefit from the maximum growth rate.

Daylilies can look beautiful when grown in pots, which is a popular option for those that do not have a garden and want to brighten up their balcony instead. However, it is important to bear in mind that these flowers do grow more slowly in pots than they would when planted in the ground.

Another key point is the climate in which you are growing daylilies. If you have cold winters in the area you live in, then this can slow down the rate at which these flowers will grow. However, those living in tropical areas will benefit from a faster growth rate because the daylilies will not be exposed to harsh temperatures and cold winters.

Lack of proper fertilisation is yet another key factor that you need to bear in mind. If you fail to fertilise your daylilies the growth rate will be slower. With proper fertilisation, you can look forward to a faster growth rate from your flowers.

In order to make the most of your daylilies and to benefit from faster growth, you should try and provide these perennials with the best growing conditions possible. This means planting them in an area where they can benefit from at least six hours of sunshine each day – a partially shaded area should be fine for most varieties. Also, make sure that you plant in quality soil. Although daylilies are able to grow in a variety of soils, adding compost or peat moss to clay/sandy soil will improve growing conditions. Overwintering daylilies by keeping them in a warm environment can keep them growing during winter.

Some varieties of daylilies will bloom more rapidly than others, and in order to avoid crowding,  give them a great amount of clearance to spread and flourish. You should space them out properly when planting. For small daylilies and miniature ones, the spacing of 16-24 inches is fine. For larger daylilies, spacing should be around 18-30 inches.

Finally, make sure that you provide your daylilies with plenty of water in the spring and summer in order to improve growth performance. These flowers are hardy and can withstand drought conditions. However, the lack of water during spring and summer can adversely affect the size and number of blooms.

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