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Monthly Archives: April 2017

  • How To Identify Daylilies

        How to identify Daylilies? Those who like creating attractive gardens, outdoor areas, and even balconies, have different tastes and preferences when it comes to what they plant. However, one type of flower that is popular with most garden enthusiasts is the daylily. The ease of maintenance, natural beauty, vibrant colours, and wonderful fragrance are just a few of the qualities that have made them so popular. There are various options available in terms of daylily colour, size, features, and type. Description of the daylily First off, it is important to bear in mind that the daylily is a root and not a bulb. This will affect the planting process if you want to make the most of these stunning flowers. So, what do daylilies look like? Well, there are various different types of daylily so the description will vary based on the type you are interested in planting. Some of these variations include:     Double daylilies Single daylilies Spider daylilies Miniature daylilies Vintage daylilies Each of these variations has its own unique charm and beauty, and you can use a combination of them to really add a special touch to your outdoor area. Double daylilies: These flowers are easy to identify because they come with a layer of additional petals. These extra petals are clustered in the centre but the amount of additional petals can vary. Some double daylilies have an appearance that is similar to a rose but the fragrance is not as strong. Single daylilies: The single daylily has six petals that come in two layers of 3. However, the bottom layer Read More...

  • All Daylily Care And Maintenance

    Daylilies have become a hugely popular plant option amongst each and all seasoned, novice and professional gardeners, as they are all attractive and easy to care for. The ease of maintenance that you get to enjoy is a huge bonus, particularly if you do not have much time to invest in gardening and plant care. While these plants do not require a huge amount of attention, it is important to know the basics of all daylily care and maintenance in order to make the most of them. How to care for your daylilies after planting Daylilies are best planted either in spring or during the autumn. You should plant them between one and three feet apart and make sure you prepare the soil properly. If your soil is clay or sandy, make sure you add organic matter in the hole that you dig for planting. You should also make sure that your plants are able to get at least six hours of sun per day – preferably the less harsh morning sun. Take this into consideration when planting. You also need to consider the regular care and maintenance of your daylilies. Some of the steps you should take to care and maintain them include: Each spring, add a thin layer of compost and follow this with a two inch layer of mulch. This will help with moisture retention as well as assisting with weed control. Do not fertilise excessively, as this could have a negative impact when it comes to the production of flowers. If rainfall during the summer is less than one inch per week, make sure you hydrate the plants with regular watering. Remove nearby weeds to ensure that your plants are not deprived of moistur Read More...

  • Caring for Your Daylilies in the Winter

    How to care for your daylilies in the winter. While many of us enjoy spending time in our colourful and fragrant gardens during the spring and summer, when winter rolls around the garden can start to look quite bleak and barren. One thing you can do in order to enjoy a brighter, more attractive wintertime garden is to ensure you look after your plants and get them ready for the winter, which includes your daylilies. There are a number of steps to take in order to ensure that you are able to properly care for your daylilies in the winter. You need to ensure you start preparing during the autumn, so that the plants are able to handle the harsher winter climate when it comes around. Key steps to take There are a number of key steps that you need to take in order to ensure you are able to care properly for your daylilies when winter comes around. Some of the measures you need to take include: Keeping your plants hydrated: If the weather has been quite dry during the autumn, you need to make sure you keep the plants hydrated. You should make sure you water them up until the onset of winter, as if they are not hydrated enough by the times winter rolls around they will struggle to handle the stresses of the colder season. You can stop watering them then the ground starts to freeze over. Guard against infection: It is also important to guard against infection from the various diseases that can affect daylilies such as fungal diseases. Make sure you keep an eye on the leaves and remove any infected leaves, which then be properly disposed of to minimise on the risk of re-infectio Read More...

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