How To Identify Daylilies

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Daylily Different type of daylilies growing in my garden

How to identify Daylilies? Those who like creating attractive gardens, outdoor areas, and even balconies, have different tastes and preferences when it comes to what they plant. However, one type of flower that is popular with most garden enthusiasts is the daylily. The ease of maintenance, natural beauty, vibrant colours, and wonderful fragrance are just a few of the qualities that have made them so popular. There are various options available in terms of daylily colour, size, features, and type.

Description of the daylily

First off, it is important to bear in mind that the daylily is a root and not a bulb. This will affect the planting process if you want to make the most of these stunning flowers. So, what do daylilies look like? Well, there are various different types of daylily so the description will vary based on the type you are interested in planting. Some of these variations include:

Double daylilies
Single daylilies
Spider daylilies
Miniature daylilies
Vintage daylilies

Each of these variations has its own unique charm and beauty, and you can use a combination of them to really add a special touch to your outdoor area.

Double daylilies: These flowers are easy to identify because they come with a layer of additional petals. These extra petals are clustered in the centre but the amount of additional petals can vary. Some double daylilies have an appearance that is similar to a rose but the fragrance is not as strong.

Single daylilies: The single daylily has six petals that come in two layers of 3. However, the bottom layer is not actually made up of petals but sepals. The top layer comprises the actual petals of the flower. The throat or centre of the daylily often contrasts in colour to the colour of the petals.

Spider daylilies: Beautiful and elegant, the spider daylily has petals that are considerably longer in length than in width, which gives them the spider-like appearance. They tend to be tall daylilies compared to other variations. You can choose from a range of petal and throat colours and these spider daylilies can add an unusual but stunning feature to any garden.

Miniature daylilies: With miniature daylilies, the flowers are less than 3 inches in terms of diameter. The scapes may be dwarf, medium, or tall. These flowers are ideal for small places and for pot planting. While these flowers are dainty, they are very sturdy and free-flowering.

Vintage daylilies: There are various different hybrid variations of the classic daylily these days. However, some people prefer the vintage daylily, which is the original that has been around for centuries. These are said to be far sturdier than the modern hybrid versions but have more limitations when it comes to size and colour.

The foliage of daylilies is also quite distinctive. The blades tend to be long and flat, growing in clump formation from the plant’s crown. The scapes or stalks of the flower are thin and may have multiple branches.

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