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  • Gardening By The Moon

    Aside from the usual planting considerations which include lighting, fertiliser and environment, one of the most interesting factors that can definitely affect the success of growing different kinds of seeds, plants and even daylilies is the lunar or the moon phases. A lot of farmers or gardeners are greatly questioning whether taking into consideration the different phases of the moon in planting really do have an effect to plants. Unknown to most people, lunar planting or gardening by the moon as we can commonly call it, is actually an ancient practice. During the ancient times, people do not have means to determine time and they just base it on observing the changes in the celestial bodies specifically in the moon, sun and even the stars. There has even been a lunar planting calendar which was developed  by the ancient people for ease in their planting and harvesting work. It is said that through the observance of the lunar phases, a more productive plant harvest was achieved. Through time, the effects of the moon on different environmental activities and even on humans have been observed. For those who may not be aware, there are actually four different quarters of the moon. These are grouped into two main phases which involves increased and decreased plant growth and production respectively. If you are able to plant during the first two phases, it is said that you will be able to achieve a good harvest. This goes different when you are able to start planting during the last two phases of the moon which are said to have a negative effect on the growth of the plant Read More...

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