Daylily Seedlings

In Daylilies by Christine Moore

Daylily seedlings growing in my garden

To breed one of your own daylily seedlings is easy and free. Daylilies are very easy to make, they are among the most pollinated species in the world. Crossing two daylily flowers to invent your own unique creation is simple, but you have to have your timing right and know a few tips on how to cross pollinate daylilies. Its just no good to go out to your daylily garden to make crosses, you may fluke a few but there are a few aspects you have to know first otherwise your crosses will not take. Here is the perfect article that explains how to do it. 

The timing between germinating the daylily seed to flowering can be very different from one end of Australia to the other. While areas in Queensland and along Australias coast line that never suffer chilly nights and snow like winters, with their mild sunny climate all year round, they can expect to see their seedling bloom within one year. For states like New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia that experience four complete seasons, spring, autumn, summer and cop the brunt of freezing cold winters it takes a good two years before they see their daylilies bloom. The seedlings pictured are 3 months old.

You can see the different variations in the flowers that can be bred some not so good with twisted petals, petals larger than others and colour markings not the same on each petal. While some of the colour combinations we already frequently recognise out there. Its nice to try and breed something entirely different.

Daylily hybrids growing in my garden

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