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Daylily Fringy Hemerocallis

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Stamile 2008 - Height 32" - Bloom 5.5" - Season EM - Evergreen - Tetraploid

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Daylily Fringy - Near white with green chartreuse fringy edge above green throat. 6 branches 45 buds. Fertile both ways..FREE POSTAGE on Orders over $50... Awards: HM 2015 ((sdlg × Dream Runner) × (Inimitable × Zephyr's Song)) HYBRIDISERS DESCTIPTION - When I first bloomed this flower I stood back and softly said to myself, “Wow”. I had never seen a flat cream white flower with a wide flat chartreuse green fringy edge. I still haven’t seen anything like it. It is a truly amazing flower. Since none of the sibs to FRINGY had the wide fringy edge I was hesitant to use it in my hybridizing thinking it was too recessive a trait to be captured by outcrossing to normal daylilies. Guy did use it and I was delighted to see that there were a good number of fringy seedlings gotten from it. I think FRINGY will be ground breaking for structural edges for fringy, lacy and tentacle edging. The fact that the edge is also chartreuse green is like icing on the cake.
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