Chrysanthemum Yellow Buttons

Height 60cm (24 inches) – 2cm wide button type flowers

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Chrysanthemum Yellow Buttons – Chrysanthemums give a burst of colour in gardens around mothers day. This is a very old button variety that I have been growing for many years. This variety does not need tieing up during its growing season. Grows at a good height with strongly branched stems with swags of 2 cm round flowers that stand up without help. A lovely bright cut flower looks fabulous in a vase on its own.

A good size plant with a good root system is supplied. This healthy plant will spread to many more plants in no time. No postage to W.A. and Tasmania.

Propagate through division after flowering in autumn.
You may even get stray seeds to come up in your garden that will be different colours to what you already have which will add to your chrysanthemum collection.