Dragon’s Circle


Salter-E.H 1996 – Height 22 in.(56 cm) – Bloom 3.75 in.(10 cm) – Season M -S.Evergreen – Diploid

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Daylily Dragon’s Circle – At first it was hard to pinpoint which daylily I had all because of an apostrophe. It is cream with a rich pretty purple eye and edge, so don’t get mixed up with

***Daylily Dragon Circle – described and registered as a cream flower with a burgundy eyed and green throat,

But here is the real answer to the problem near an identical picture to mine which tells me that I most certainly have Daylily Dragon’s Circle with an apostrophe “s” even though it is not listed on the internet or the AHS database. The second picture was listed on the Hemnut website 10 or more years ago but has stopped working and is now removed – I am glad that this is solved.