Sedum erythrostictum Mediovariegatum

Height 40cm to 50cm

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Sedum erythrostictum Mediovariegatum is a clump-forming succulent with sturdy stems and gorgeous pale yellow leaves with green borders. It can grow to be 18 inches (45 cm) tall. The oval leaves have serrated edges. Autumn blooms are white and pink star-shaped, flattened flowers. The flower heads measure 6 inches or 15 cm across.

Sedum, often known as stone crop flower, varieties thrive in full light for the finest flowering.

Soil: Sedums prefer a pH range of neutral to slightly alkaline soil that is extremely well-drained.

Root and stem rot can result from soil that is continuously wet and clay-laden soils.

A division will be dug out of my garden with roots intact.