Alstroemeria Tall Peppermint

Height 1 metre tall stems

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Alstroemeria Peppermint is a tall white variety but it is not entirely white as the inner petals are delicate yellow having striking dark dots and lines.

Alstroemerias are handy, colourful plants to grow.  Rhizomes produce long stems and green leaves. Alstroemerias prefer rich, well-drained soil. In warmer climates, put them in morning sun, shade from midday to late afternoon, or filtered light. Keep the ground moist to prevent plant yellowing and plant dormancy. To encourage new growth, pull stems at ground level to remove old flowering stems. Then, new shoots will grow. Great for borders and planters. In cool areas, alstroemerias bloom from spring to autumn, but they may halt in hot summers. This flower is long lasting in the garden and in a vase.