Pink Daylilies

PINK Symbolises playfulness, sensitivity, delicacy, gentleness, and femininity. It is a soft delightful colour in flowers. Pink flowers promote a light and intimate approach to expressing love. Pink lilies symbolise wealth, prosperity, youth and acceptance. Another popular flower in pink is the Tulip, these Pink Tulips represent perfection and perfect love. Peonie roses are often seen in pink than any other colour, it is said that Pink Peonies symbolise a happy and joyful marriage. Since Daisies are easy to grow and come in so many colours as well as pink, the Pink Daisies represent cheerfulness and joy as well as to smile and be happy, lets face it daises in any colour promote a smile regardless. Another beauty in pink is the Hyacinth, the sweet smelling Hyacinth in pink symbolises play, beyond this the Hyacinth is a highly scented bulb it is an old breed of flower bulb that has been known since the days of the Greek Gods and the Roman Empire they are said to have burst from the blood of a slain boy cared for by Apollo the Sun God he named it after the passing of the young boy.

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