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Louisiana Iris for sale in Australia. Louisiana Irises known as the water iris can be grown in your flower garden or submerged in water as pond water plants, dams or grown in large urns or wine barrels. Used as a focal point in landscape design will certainly liven up your outdoor space. They will thrive anywhere providing they get moisture at all times. Their foliage is long vertical, evergreen and strapped shaped and should bloom in late spring. The flowers are large and grow in a broad range of colours that are beardless. Louisiana Iris rhizomes are mailed bare rooted to all states of Australia.

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  1. Betty Ann

    - Peter Jackson - Height 37" (95 cm) - Midseason bloom

    Louisiana Iris Betty Ann - Deep yellow self. Standards tinged apricot dark greenish gold signal nicely ruffled.... Learn More

  2. Buy Louisiana Iris - Sinfonietta

    - Raabe, 1986 - 33" (84cm) - EM - 6" - Australian Bred

    Louisiana Iris - Sinfonietta - Beautiful water iris, flowers are mid rich bright blue bird blue, stunning colour with contrast yellow signal. Exclusive from Australia, very popular... Learn More

  3. Doreen Florence

    - Peter Jackson - Height 35" (89 cm) - Midseason bloom

    Louisiana Iris Doreen Florence - Deep blue-violet self with gold signals... Learn More

  4. Encounter Bay

    - Peter Jackson - Height 39" (100 cm) - Midseason bloom

    Louisiana Iris Encounter Bay - Standards white washed and veined violet, style arms white washed violet. Falls medium blue violet slightly veined, signal green and gold, nicely ruffled.... Learn More

  5. Leather Bound

    - Peter Jackson - Height 43 (109 cm), Midseason late bloom

    Louisiana Iris Leather Bound - Standards and falls are a brown violet blend with 6 raised gold signals, style arms are honey gold, tips divided and ruffled umbrella form, ruffled Unique.... Learn More

  6. Pamela Mary

    - Peter Jackson - Height 41" (105 cm) - Late bloom

    Louisiana Iris Pamela Mary - Standards light red-violet style arms and falls red violet, texture veining on all petals yellow signal lightly ruffled.... Learn More

  7. Snap Frozen

    - Peter Jackson - Height 44" (112 cm) - Midseason bloom.

    Louisiana Iris Snap Frozen - Ruffled creamy white with a gold line signal on the falls.... Learn More

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