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Louisiana Iris Plants For Sale In Australia. Louisiana Irises known as the water iris can be grown in your flower garden or submerged in water as pond water plants, dams or grown in large urns or wine barrels. Used as a focal point in landscape design will certainly liven up your outdoor space. They will thrive anywhere providing they get moisture at all times. Their foliage is long vertical, evergreen and strapped shaped and should bloom in late spring. The flowers are large and grow in a broad range of colours that are beardless. Louisiana Iris rhizomes are mailed bare rooted to all states of Australia.

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  1. Beguiling Eyes

    - D. Grieves - 39" (99 cm) - Mid Season Blooms

    Louisiana Iris Beguiling Eyes - Cream white standards, cream falls with random purple veining and streaks, yellow signals... Learn More

  2. Betty Ann - Louisiana Iris Water Iris

    - Peter Jackson - Height 37" (95 cm) - Midseason bloom

    Louisiana Iris Betty Ann - Deep yellow self. Standards tinged apricot dark greenish gold signal nicely ruffled thick petals. ... Learn More

  3. Blue Mountain Mist - Louisiana Iris Water Iris

    - Bernard Pryor 2006 - Season M-L - Height 28" (71 cm)

    Louisiana Iris Blue Mountain Mist - Standards and falls are pale sky blue, petals have a fine white rim and white reverse, style arms are ice blue with white tips and signals of yellow, overlaid golden orange steeple on falls. Triangular form with a slight fragrance. 'C'est La Mote' X 'Swirling Waters'. Honorable Mention 2010. Award of Merit 2014, Winner of the Mary Swords Debaillon Medal 2016. I haven't many favouri... Learn More

  4. Blueberry Mousse

    - Peter Jackson - Height 40" (102 cm) - Mid Season Blooms

    Louisiana Iris Blueberry Mousse - Standards light blue-magenta, fine lighter edge; style arms light blue-magenta, fine white centre line; falls same as standards, veined green centre line, 6 gold star shaped signals. New Introduction.... Learn More

  5. Buy Louisiana Iris Water Iris - Sinfonietta

    - Raabe, 1986 - 33" (84cm) - EM - 6" - Australian Bred

    Louisiana Iris Sinfonietta - Beautiful water iris, flowers are mid rich bright blue bird blue, stunning colour with contrast yellow signal. Exclusive from Australia, very popular... Learn More

  6. Leather Bound - Louisiana Iris Water Iris

    - Peter Jackson - Height 43 (109 cm), Midseason late bloom

    Louisiana Iris Leather Bound - Standards and falls are a brown violet blend with 6 raised gold signals, style arms are honey gold, tips divided and ruffled umbrella form, ruffled Unique.... Learn More

  7. Louisiana Iris Electric Storm - New Introduction 2019

    - Peter Jackson 2016 - Height 37" (94 cm) - Early-Midseason bloom.

    Louisiana Iris Electric Storm - New Introduction 2019 - In short supply - Standards are burgundy; style arms cream washed lighter burgundy; falls burgundy; 6 evenly spaced gold star signals; lovely ruffling on all petals; overlapping form. 'Tarawera Flow' X 'Little Ruby Slippers'... Learn More

  8. Louisiana Iris Oriental Flight - New Introduction 2019

    - Peter Jackson 2016 - Height 41.5" (105 cm) - Midseason bloom.

    Louisiana Iris Oriental Flight - New Introduction 2019 - Limited Stock. Standards light violet with magenta veining; style arms magenta-violet, lighter edge; falls deep magenta-violet, signals yellow-gold with a green-gold centre line. 'Tarawera Flow' X 'Mulberry Ripple'.... Learn More

  9. Louisiana iris Peaches In Wine

    - Heather Pryor 1997 - height 35" (89 cm) - Early bloom.

    Louisiana iris Peaches In Wine - Standards peach, deep red line signal, paler reverse; style arms peach, yellow midrib; Falls deep red, fine salmon peach rim, peach reverse, lime yellow steeple signal; ruffled. 'Bushfire Moon' X 'Lucy Payens'. Lone Star 1998. Honourable Mention 2002; Award of Merit 2004; Winner of the Mary Swords DeBaillon Medal 2006.... Learn More

  10. Louisiana Iris Velvet Ensemble - New Introduction 2019

    - Peter Jackson 2015 - Height 31.5" (80 cm) - Midseason bloom.

    Louisiana Iris Velvet Ensemble - Limited plants available this season. Standards dusky pink, dark pink veining; style arms cream overlaid dark pink; falls velvety deep red, recurved, large gold steeple signals. ('Heather Pryor' x 'Roman Warrior') X 'Garnet Storm Dancer'. ... Learn More

  11. Matilda's Waltz - Introduced to Australia 2018

    - Peter Jackson 2018 - Height 38" (97 cm) - Early blooms

    Louisiana Iris Matilda's Waltz - Standards mid red-violet, variable softer colour break, cream edge and reverse; style arms cream, overlaid red-violet; Falls mid red-violet, cream edge and reverse, 6 gold steeple signals; heavily ruffled. Outstanding! Very few available near sold out.... Learn More

  12. Remember Paris

    - Peter Jackson - Height 45" (114 cm) - Early bloom.

    Louisiana Iris Remember Paris - Standards soft gold, central gold veining; style arms light gold, faint pink wash; Falls soft gold, washed and veined rose pink, gold signal; ruffled. Our Parris X Gate Crasher.... Learn More

  13. Swords Drawn - Louisiana Iris Water Iris

    - Heather Pryor - Louisiana Iris - 41" (104 cm) - Midseason late bloom

    Louisiana Iris Swords Drawn - Medium blue violet with cream rim and lilac reverse, yellow blotch signal overlaid by long golden steeple signal surrounded red violet; style arms lilac tipped white, midrib lemon; ruffled, rounded form.... Learn More

  14. Tarawera Flow

    - Peter Jackson - Height 41" (104 cm) - Late flowers

    Louisiana Iris Tarawera Flow - Standards deep velvety purple; style arms soft purple, tips darker; large flowering deep velvet purple falls striking softer edges set off with 6 gold signals with raised centre line. New Introduction.... Learn More

  15. We Are Sailing

    - Peter Jackson - 2005 - Height 37" (95 cm) - Season Early

    Louisiana Iris We Are Sailing - Early bloom. Standards and Falls medium light blue, laced edge, white spray pattern around signals, raised yellow signal line over green throat; style arms white, violet blue wash; ruffled and laced, recurved form. 'Émigré' X 'Gate Crasher'.... Learn More

Items 1 to 15 of 37 total

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