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While we post Daylilies, Louisiana Iris, Bearded Iris and Cannas with bare roots to all States of Australia we do not post the other Perennial Plants and bulbs listed to Tasmania and Western Australia. We offer Free Postage on orders over $50.

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  1. Sprekelia Formosissima bulb Jacobean lily

    - Height 12 to 18 Inches

    Sprekelia, Jacobean Lily, Aztec Lily, red flowering bulbs. An unusual flowering bulb that flowers in late spring. The Jacobean lily does produce such unusual flamboyant red flowers and large long striking anthers with contrasting yellow stamens, that certainly makes this plant a real show off. The flowers keep their shape well for weeks while in flower and may spot flower other times of the year depending on your cli... Learn More

  2. Tall Agapanthus Blue Flowering Size Plants For Sale


    AGAPANTHUS Tall Blue - large mature flowering size plants for sale (NOT 50mm Pot) Summer flowering dug fresh from our garden. Sent to you free from soil. Foliage and roots are sometimes trimmed back for postage. This variety at times sports a double head of flowers one on top of the other (see pictures) this is something different. No Postage to Western Australia and Tasmania. ... Learn More

  3. Blue Mountain Mist - Louisiana Iris Water Iris

    - Bernard Pryor 2006 - Season M-L - Height 28" (71 cm)

    Louisiana Iris Blue Mountain Mist - Standards and falls are pale sky blue, petals have a fine white rim and white reverse, style arms are ice blue with white tips and signals of yellow, overlaid golden orange steeple on falls. Triangular form with a slight fragrance. 'C'est La Mote' X 'Swirling Waters'. Honorable Mention 2010. Award of Merit 2014, Winner of the Mary Swords Debaillon Medal 2016. I haven't many favouri... Learn More

  4. Iris Unguicularis (Algerian Iris) Blue Winter Iris – Iris Stylosa

    - Blue Violet Blooms - Height 30cm or 12 inches - Width 40cm

    Winter Iris Unguicularis Iris Stylosa – An evergreen Iris produces showy blue violet blooms with a deep yellow beard and white showy spray markings each side during winter. Algerian Iris plants grow into a clump forming plant that are easy to grow and tough once established. The blue winter Iris will handle dry soils, best planted in afternoon shade of trees in hot climates. Mine are planted at the base of a tree t... Learn More

  5. Agapanthus GUILFOYLE Flowering Size Plants

    - Height of 1 Metre Tall - Flower Size 6 Inches

    Impeccable blooms of vibrant dark inky blue purple with dark tall stems that flower way above the upright evergreen foliage. We are offering flowering size plant divisions for sale that will quickly multiply into a good size clump in your garden. Sent soilless. No Postage to Western Australia and Tasmania.... Learn More

  6. Sedum Matrona For Sale

    - Sedum Telephium Matrona - 90cm - Red Stem

    Sedum Matrona - Tall 90cm self supporting red stemmed sedum, flowers during late summer into autumn, displays broccoli shaped flower heads holding hundreds of pale pink tiny blooms. Sedum Telephium Matrona is very drought tolerant and hardy. Will NOT GROW in sub tropics. Good size plants.... Learn More

  7. Matilda's Waltz - Introduced to Australia 2018

    - Peter Jackson 2018 - Height 38" (97 cm) - Early blooms

    Louisiana Iris Matilda's Waltz - Standards mid red-violet, variable softer colour break, cream edge and reverse; style arms cream, overlaid red-violet; Falls mid red-violet, cream edge and reverse, 6 gold steeple signals; heavily ruffled. Outstanding! Very few available near sold out.... Learn More

  8. Large Agapanthus Tall White Flowering Size Plants For Sale

    - AGAPANTHUS Tall White

    AGAPANTHUS Tall White - large mature flowering size plants for sale (NOT in 50mm pots) Summer flowering dug fresh for your garden. Sent to you soilless, foliage and roots will be cut back for postage. This variety has wider leaves than the blue variety, they grow many more individual flowers per flower head than the blue variety, this agapanthus is a very old vintage variety and stands up to our very hot climate. ... Learn More

  9. Belladonna Lily Naked Ladies Amaryllis Bulbs

    - Belladonna Lilies or Naked Ladies Amaryllis bulbs

    Belladonna Lilies or Naked Ladies Amaryllis bulbs flowering size for sale. My home grown bulbs bear lovely showy clusters of pink blooms on long stems and after flowering are guaranteed to produce small bulbs atop of each stem, that you can plant and expect these to bloom within three years, for more of the same showy plants in your garden. These drought tolerant bulbs are a perfect fit for xeriscape dry climate gard... Learn More

  10. We Are Sailing

    - Peter Jackson - 2005 - Height 37" (95 cm) - Season Early

    Louisiana Iris We Are Sailing - Early bloom. Standards and Falls medium light blue, laced edge, white spray pattern around signals, raised yellow signal line over green throat; style arms white, violet blue wash; ruffled and laced, recurved form. 'Émigré' X 'Gate Crasher'.... Learn More

  11. Acanthus Mollis Oyster Plant Large Flowering Size

    - Height between 3 to 4 feet tall

    Flowering size plants offered for sale. The Oyster Plant has handsome vertical flower spikes of 3 to 4 feet tall that appear in spring through early summer. Acanthus Mollis has large dark green deeply lobed leaves. The flowers are hooded white to light pink flowers four rows around the thick tall stems. The plant is drought resistant and will grow in dry climates and mediterranean climates well once established. Plan... Learn More

  12. Blueberry Mousse

    - Peter Jackson - Height 40" (102 cm) - Mid Season Blooms

    Louisiana Iris Blueberry Mousse - Standards light blue-magenta, fine lighter edge; style arms light blue-magenta, fine white centre line; falls same as standards, veined green centre line, 6 gold star shaped signals. New Introduction.... Learn More

  13. Cranesbill Geranium Sanguineum

    - Cranesbill 3'' Flowers, Height 15cm

    Geranium Sanguineum – hard to find, bloody cranesbill has strong pink to purple flowers on stems around 15cm. The bloody cranesbill are a herbaceous clumping perennial plant that are long flowering, winter hardy, tough, drought, frost and heat tolerant with rich colourful magenta flowers that will only grow in very shaded parts of the garden. Great for garden borders will be sent in a pot ready for planting in your... Learn More

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  14. 5 Tall Bearded Iris Lost Tags Sale

    - Tall Bearded Iris

    Lost Tags Tall Bearded Iris Sale. You will receive 5 Tall Bearded Iris plants different colours. These registered Tall Bearded Irises sell for at least $10 each elsewhere and all are beautiful, buy now at half price. My loss is your gain. Pictures are examples. Free Postage on orders over $50... Learn More

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  15. Bulbine Frutescens Perennial Cottage Plant

    - Foliage to 60cm x 1-2m

    Bulbine Frutescens also known as the snake flower. A hardy drought and frost tolerant clumping perennial, perfect for Australian dry gardens that do not receive much water. Produces fleshy succulent narrow green leaves with spikes of bright and dainty heads of orange and yellow that flowers in autumn and winter. Will grow in full sun to part shade in most soils. No postage to W.A. and Tasmania.... Learn More

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