Agapanthus Perpetual Peace Flowering Size Plants

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Height of flowers (17.7inches) 45cm

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Agapanthus Perpetual Peace is characterised by its thick stems that support a well-sized cluster of sparkling white flowers (see my image for reference). It thrives in my residence and is low-maintenance, evergreen, and as resilient as any other agapanthus I have ever grown. The blossoms attain an approximate height of 45 centimetres when grown above the surface. Agapanthus Perpetual Peace is suitable for cultivation in containers or along garden pathways due to its low-growing foliage.

It is said to bloom between October and May, but this is dependent on location, plant size, and whether you water your plants deeply or less often. I have spot flowers after the main bloom all year round.

Agapanthus Perpetual Peace Flowering Size plants on offer sent with bare roots.