AGAPANTHUS Flowering Size Tall White


Large white flowers on tall stems during summer

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AGAPANTHUS Tall White – large mature flowering size plants for sale $7.70 each (NOT in 50mm pots) Summer flowering dug fresh for your garden. Sent to you soilless, foliage and roots will be cut back for postage. This variety has wider leaves than the blue variety, they grow many more individual flowers per flower head than the blue variety, this agapanthus is a very old vintage variety and stands up to our very hot climate.

We dig up established plants using a sharp shovel and divide them into numerous portions, each with its own set of foliage and roots, using a keen knife. The following season, these segments will bloom and develop into a cluster of foliage and blossoms. It is the most efficient method for producing mature agapanthus clumps quickly.

No postage to Western Australia or Tasmania.