Alstroemeria – Inca Yuko

Height grows up to 12 inches – 30 cm

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Alstroemeria ‘Inca Yuko’ (Peruvian Lily) – From October onwards, brilliant magenta-pink flowers show up with minimal markings. This is a cutting garden flower. Alstroemeria Inca Yuko is near the tallest of the Peruvian lily Inca series.

Alstroemerias are resilient plants that are simple to grow and care for. This variety of Peruvian lily generates tuberous rhizomes on medium-height stems and beautiful green leaves when grown. Plant alstroemerias in well-drained rich compost. They do best whether planted in the early sun, midday shade or filtered light throughout the day. Keep them moist and hydrated, otherwise, the leaves will yellow and the plant will become dormant. Pluck old flowering stems from the base to promote fresh growth. More flowers will appear shortly after that. Plant it as a border or in a container in your garden. Alstroemerias can bloom anytime from spring through to autumn, however, the flowers may fade if you have a scorching hot summer.