Alstroemeria psittacina variegata

Tall variegated alstroemeria

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Alstroemeria psittacina variegata ‘Royal Star’ is an exotic plant reminiscent of parrots. The funnel shaped flowers have an unusual combination of crimson and light green and cream with variegated foliage. This peruvian lily has deep green glossy bright white edged leaves. Flowering in time for Christmas the plant is a winter grower, it pushes through the soil to the light in autumn from its underground tubers, then stays as a ground cover during the winter frost season, and blooms on thin tall stalks with 3 to 8 flowers during the summer before going semi dormant in late summer. Prefers to grow in rich moist manured soil with good drainage. Grows best outdoors in a pot or as a groundcover in partial sun or semi shade. Unlike the plain green version, this variegated version is not an easy plant to find in Australia. NO POSTAGE for Western Australia or Tasmania.