Physostegia Obedient Plant Pink

Height of flowers 50cm

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Physostegia Obedient Plant Pink – This plant looks great with asters, sedum, and coneflowers in late summer and autumn. Because of its obedient character, the false dragonhead is a delightful plant to have in children’s gardens for the kids to play with. Flowers from the obedient plant are wonderful for cutting.

Obedient plants flourish in broad sunlight, but they may also endure partial shade, especially during the hot summer months. In full light, the most blooms will be produced.
The obedient plant is simple to establish and drought-tolerant simply water once or twice a week and provide yearly fertiliser only if necessary.

In the spring, remove any dead leaves, cut back to the ground in winter.

Obedient plants are happy to grow in temperate and subtropical climates. Healthy plants are supplied in pots ready to plant into your garden.