Rudbeckia Golden Glow


Grows 3 to 4 feet without staking

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Rudbeckia Golden Glow has striking mid-February blooms that will not let you down. Vibrant, golden-yellow-layered blooms emerge from the dense, deep green foliage. Rudbeckia Golden Glow flowers in my garden just before the sedum opens its flowers.
It grows easily and requires little maintenance; flowers keep occurring for about six weeks.
Since this plant is rather tough, give it six hours of full sun each day and some shade during the warmest parts of the day. This perennial is easily suited to hot climates.
Watering the plant can be left until the plant begins to wilt, with no harm done.

I give the plant a 4cm dressing of rotted manure in early spring, which is enough for this plant to keep growing all year round.

Plants propagated on site in a 75mm pot.