Sedum Neon

Height 50cm and 50cm wide

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Sedum Neon Showy Sedum Sedum Spectabile Succulent, in my opinion, is the most beautiful of them all. It has rosy magenta flowers on lime green flower stems that contrast.

Sedum Neon, in my opinion, is not as popular with bees and butterflies as the taller Sedums Matrona and Autumn Joy. They are all easy to grow succulents that are hardy and well suited to our dry, hot summer climate. In our gardens, we grow a variety of showy sedums, including variegated varieties.

If you prune the succulent stems while they are actively growing, you will be pruning the future flowers off. Only prune or remove old flower stems when they begin to die.

The herbaceous perennial division will be dug out of my garden.