Tall Alstroemeria – Mona Lisa aka Tassie Tiger

Height 90cm (35 inches) – Frost hardy

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Tall Alstroemeria Mona Lisa, also known as the Tassie Tiger Alstroemeria. Flowers from Alstroemeria ‘Mona Lisa’ aka ‘Tassie Tiger’ have the finest delicate cream base, pink blush tones, and solid, rich pink reverse petals. Bright yellow inner petals with burgundy black dots are also seen. Check out the extra pictures provided.

Alstroemerias are tough, colourful plants that are simple to cultivate and maintain. Rhizomes give rise to tall stems and beautiful green leaves. Alstroemerias thrive in rich soil with good drainage. Plant them in the early sun, shade from midday to late afternoon, or filtered light during the day if you live in a hot area. Keep the plants moist and damp every few days to prevent them from turning yellow and going to sleep. Pull off old stems low to the ground that have already bloomed to stimulate fresh growth. Soon after, more blooms will begin to bloom. Ideal for use in garden borders and pots.

Alstroemerias grow from spring through Autumn in mild regions of the planet at 30 degrees Celsius or below, however they may cease flowering if the summers are too hot. This bloom is lovely in our outdoors and lasts a long time in a vase.
Alstroemeria represents endurance and strength.