Tall Alstroemeria – Rosita

Height 90cm (35 inches) – Frost hardy

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Tall Alstroemeria Rosita is a rich pink shade of red overall with the two interior petals having bright yellow and splotches with burgundy black patterns. Fantastic for vases and gardens.
You will receive a bare root division with new shoots.

The alstroemeria is a tough, colourful, and low-maintenance plant. The rhizomes of all of these plants produce the stems and leaves that we see today. It is ideal to plant alstroemerias in a well-drained, fertile soil. Plant them in the early morning sun, afternoon shade, or filtered light if you live in a hot summer environment. To prevent the leaves from turning yellow and the plant from going to sleep, moisten them once every few days. Pull out spent flower stems low to the ground to encourage fresh growth. Soon after that, more flower buds will open. Perfect for edging flower beds and filling pots.

In temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius or below, alstroemerias flower from spring through autumn; in really hot regions, they may cease blooming during the summer. This flower is stunning in my garden and holds its colour for many days when cut and arranged.
Alstroemeria is a sign of perseverance and fortitude.