Black/Dark Daylilies

Black daylilies or very dark daylilies grown in hot areas of Australia need protection from the hot afternoon sun. It is best to grow near black daylilies or dark maroon burgundy flowers in afternoon shade unless, these dark coloured flower varieties are sunfast, otherwise the flowers will not hold up till the end of the day. Black flowers in the garden always looks good but be careful, after all, black being the darkest colour in the world will, and does absorb a lot of heat. The golden rule is the more sun the more blooms, but in the extra hot climate areas, for example, where I live this is not possible. It is best to plant and grow your dark coloured daylilies out of the hot afternoon sun in summer, so your daylily flowers do not fade with badly scorched leaves and the blooms do not become a paler shade of black or burgundy.

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