Kniphofia Wols Red

Height 70cm – Blooms in summer and early autumn.

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Kniphofia Wols Red originated in the United Kingdom. It is one of the richest red hot pokers I grow. With scarlet-red blooms reaching 70cm in summer and early autumn will add brightness to your garden beds.

Kniphofia, also known as red hot pokers are available here in a variety of colours and heights not just red. Hot poker varieties bloom at different times of the year.

Hot pokers can grow and flower in most soils with minimal watering. They can, however, put on the longest show grown in deep gritty composted soil, a weekly watering, and a little fertiliser every two years. Each winter, the grassy foliage should be pruned back by half to neaten up the plant.

Will grow in cool and temperate areas of Australia. No postage to WA and Tas.