Stella D’Oro

Jablonski 1977 – Diploid – Height 11″ – EM – Dor – Fragrant – Single – Bloom 2.75″




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Daylily Stella D’Oro is a Stout Silver Medal Winner!  The golden yellow flowers have a light tangerine throat that have around 10 to 15 blooms per scape. The flowers last nearly 3 weeks in the spring and will have another flush of blooms in the Autumn. The plant is fertile both ways.  Stella D’Oro will flower here in late November which gives Stella D’Oro down time to be a repeat bloomer in the autumn. Stella D’Oro does not rebloom in the warmer summer months here at all.  The clumps bloom twice at two separate times in one year. I have been growing Stella D’Oro in my garden for many years. Stella D’Oro gets the morning sun and filtered light in the afternoon. The plants are suitable to grow in most climates in quality dark organic soil with mulch around the plants. I have Stella D’Oro growing in a long planter box as a border plant growing in pots or a good size container is just as good. As Stella D’Oro is not an evergreen and only has long leaves during the warmer weather means it is fully dormant during winter. The low maintenance plant will need to be watered deeply twice a week or as required to get the plant established.

You are buying one pot of Stella D’Oro with 2 flowering size plants in it – post to all states of Australia including (Western Australia and Tasmania without soil.)