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Special Meaning Flower & Colours – Decadent Daylilies Australia


People can at times find it difficult to express their feelings and emotions; this can also be tricky to put into words. Sometimes, the words aren’t enough to convey how you feel or what you want to say. Possibly one of the oldest customs among us is giving flowers. Flowers have been a part of humanity for centuries. Some have medicinal qualities, can be edible, can give our sense of smell a welcoming presence and can give our lives a bountiful splash of beautiful colours all over the world. There is a lot of symbolism associated with flowers too aside from this the type of flower and their colours have a special meaning for us. The most common colours we choose are white, pink, yellow, red, burgundy, green, orange, blue and purple primarily these colours are present among thousands and thousands of different species of flowers. So what does each one mean?


WHITE: Symbolises purity, innocence, honesty and perfection. White flowers represent pure love and fidelity and some of the most popular flowers in this colour are the Day Lilies. The white Day lily is associated the Virgin Mary, they are considered a Holy flower to many people. Lilies themselves symbolise a flirtatious manner. There is also the Calla Lily, which symbolises modesty. Then the Carnation, which is probably one of the most popular flowers for gift giving in the world next to the long stemmed Rose besides this a white Carnation however, means you are sweet and lovely or given to symbolise good luck to someone. Another popular white flower is the Daisy, it means loyalty and innocence. A more exotic flower that has a white version is the Orchid, these white Orchids mean - you are beautiful to me and symbolise fertility. A white Rose means - you are heavenly and symbolise peace, humility and reverence.


PINK: Symbolises playfulness, sensitivity, delicacy, gentleness, and femininity. It is a soft delightful colour in flowers. Pink flowers promote a light and intimate approach to expressing love. Pink lilies symbolise wealth, prosperity, youth and acceptance. Another popular flower in pink is the Tulip, these Pink Tulips represent perfection and perfect love. Peonie roses are often seen in pink than any other colour, it is said that Pink Peonies symbolise a happy and joyful marriage. Since Daisies are easy to grow and come in so many colours as well as pink, the Pink Daisies represent cheerfulness and joy as well as to smile and be happy, lets face it daises in any colour promote a smile regardless. Another beauty in pink is the Hyacinth, the sweet smelling Hyacinth in pink symbolises play, beyond this the Hyacinth is a highly scented bulb it is an old breed of flower bulb that has been known since the days of the Greek Gods and the Roman Empire they are said to have burst from the blood of a slain boy cared for by Apollo the Sun God he named it after the passing of the young boy.


YELLOW: A wonderful colour indeed. It symbolises sympathy, trust, radiance, and friendship, intellect, cheerfulness and optimism. The word yellow means to show appreciation, love of family, and a gesture of thoughtfulness. The most recognised yellow flower is possibly the spring Daffodil, all Daffodils symbolise chivalry, rebirth, eternal life, faithfulness, joy, and happiness. Yellow Lilies represent joy and new beginnings. The Dutch Iris usually symbolises eloquence. The yellow Iris is symbolic of passion. Lilacs come in different colours but the yellow Lilac symbolises youthful innocence and confidence. Another popular flower that is seen in yellow is the evergreen Azalea as the Azalea comes in many colours. It symbolizes temperance, passion and womanhood. The yellow Azalea means to take care of yourself, and fragility, while the yellow Rose is the symbol of friendship, warmth and happiness.


RED: The colour of passion, desire and love. It symbolises fire, energy, strength, courage, determination and power. Red is probably the most influential colour in the world. It is the heart. The red flower expresses the deepest love and desire. A passionate and powerful love for another, it means romance and seduction. The red Rose is possibly the most recognised flower in the universe. It symbolises love and respect. The Camellia is another popular red flower, it means - you are my destiny and the flame of my heart. Lilies come in red as well and a red Lily symbolises love, devotion and affection. The Poppy is almost always seen red, which symbolises pleasure. The Zinnia being a beautiful red flower symbolises constancy and - missing you, these red flower is best used when you want to make bold statement.


BURGUNDY: A deep colour this that symbolises ambition, leadership, prosperity, maturity and vigilance. Associated with sophistication and dignity. A regal colour, the Burgundy Rose is symbolic of unconscious beauty, which could also mean pure beauty, where beauty isn’t aware it is beautiful. Dahlias are wonderful flowers that have a burgundy variety, the burgundy Dahlia is symbolic of dignity. The Aster comes in many colours as well as burgundy, they mean elegance, daintiness and patience. Another popular flower in burgundy is the Amaryllis, they means - splendid and beyond just beautiful. The Calla Lily comes in a burgundy colour too this symbolises rebirth and union. It is a flower of the circle of life. Burgundy is the colour flower you want to express devotion and deep emotions meanwhile it is the colour of a determined spirit.


GREEN: The colour of nature, balance, growth, wellness, harmony and good fortune. There are a variety of flowers that come in green. They bring out the beauty of other colours and cause them to pop out and appear brighter. Green is a wonderful cool colour, Lisianthus are a green flower that symbolises appreciation, romantic attachment and admiration. The Hydrangea is a popular flower that comes in many colours including green, the green Hydrangea means gratitude and heartfelt emotion. The Jack in the Pulpit is an unusual green flower but, it symbolises shelter, safety and protection. The Coneflower comes in many colours as well, includinging green primarily it symbolises strength and healing for good reason, moreover some varieties of coneflower have medicinal properties.


ORANGE: The colour of warmth, Orange is a rejuvenating colour. It symbolises happiness, joy and the warmth that love gives. Orange flowers are maybe what warm fuzzies might look like in physical form. Orange generates nostalgic like feelings. Cosmos, they come in many colours, including orange however they symbolise order, peace, modesty and express joy in love and in life. Tiger Lilies are probably the most popular in this colour incidentally they mean love, beauty, mercy, female courage and fertility. Begonias in orange symbolise caution or to take care. Did you know Orange Marigolds are a symbol of grief and Roses in orange symbolise fascination while everyone knows Orange is the symbol of autumn and the harvest season.


BLUE: The colour of calm, tranquility and melancholy. Blue flowers are a unique choice and a wonderful colour to have in your garden. They symbolise serenity, contemplation and trust besides they are used to express sympathy and get well soon. Delphinium is a beautiful blue flower in turn it symbolises lightness of mind, changeableness and buoyancy. The most popular blue flower is probably The Morning Glory these flowers symbolise flirtation, another popular blue flower is the Bellflower similarly it means gratitude. Another famous blue flower is the Forget Me not which is commonly known to symbolise true love and fond memories. Chicory is a beautiful azure blue coloured flower that has always been referred to as weed or plain wild flower not to mention the bright blue flower that symbolises frugality.


PURPLE: Is in no doubt a divine colour that can only mean authority, royalty, mystery, enchantment, creativity, grace, charm and elegance. Purple lilies are a symbol of royalty and have been revered by kings and queens for centuries. The Freesia is a popular purple flower that too symbolises lasting friendship. Pansies also come in purple, did you know they mean think of me? Petunias come in a variety of colours as well as purple sometimes multicolourered meanwhile the purple Petunia means your presence soothes me. The most popular purple flower is probably the Violet and there are many species of Violets again they are wonderful purple flowers that mean modest worth.


This is just a few of the beautiful flowers that come in these amasing colours. Any of these plants would be a great addition to any garden. It would always be wise to speak with a gardening expert to find out which of these flowers would flourish your garden. They will know all the facts about your region in which you live to be able to make your garden as colourful and special as all of these flowers most importantly the daylilies.

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