Canna Capri

Heritage Canna: Height – around 1 metre

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Canna Capri is vibrant and bright, boasting smaller yet plenty of flowers out at once. The flowers open out to a clear light yellow with bright pink-red centres. Don’t get too worked up if the vivid pink rays on the top two petals of Canna Capri don’t appear like my picture. This doesn’t happen all the time. The vibrant pink tongue and throat and yellow petals of Canna Capri will always be present; these hues never fade.

Canna Capri has been in full bloom for at least a month at my place, and so far this season, there have been next to no pink rays showing on the petals. Since we’ve had days with temperatures between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius and some days where the weather has also been humid. Here, in my mediterranean climate, the light to heavy pink rays in the cream flower’s petals show up in the last round of flowers just before the cold winter season sets in and not during the hot summers.

This is an example of how cannas can be confusing to a new buyer unless explained.